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corps de ballet

n. the chorus of a ballet company [syn: ensemble]

Corps de ballet

In ballet, the corps de ballet (from French, body of the ballet) is the group of dancers who are not soloists. They are a permanent part of the ballet company and often work as a backdrop for the principal dancers. A corps de ballet works as one, with synchronized movements and corresponding positioning on the stage.

The leading dancer in a Corps de ballet is a Coryphée. Specific roles are sometimes made for the corps de ballet, such as the Snow Corps de Ballet and the Flower Corps in The Nutcracker.

Usage examples of "corps de ballet".

Only twelve years old, but she has been training since she was five, and is now in my corps de ballet, and very soon will be una prima di tutto.

I've heard that it started because the great choreographer George Ballanchine wanted his corps de ballet (all the dancers who aren't the stars) to look alike.

Rob has three supporting roles, plus dancing in the corps de ballet.

He had been at a fast supper-party, given the night before by Captain the Honourable George Cinqbars, at his house in Brompton Square, to several young men of the regiment, and a number of ladies of the corps de ballet, and old Mac, who was at home with people of all ages and ranks, and consorted with generals, dog-fanciers, opera-dancers, bruisers, and every kind of person, in a word, was resting himself after the night’.

The ballerinas in the corps de ballet eyed her with envy because she had everything.

A corps de ballet of human women and men, dressed alike in bold magpie leotards, appeared as music struck up and began to lead the throng in elaborate contredanse patterns.