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Cori (lunar crater)

Cori is a lunar impact crater that is located in the southern hemisphere on the far side of the Moon. It lies less than one crater diameter to the north of the crater Baldet. To the northeast is the crater Grissom. It is named after Gerty Cori, the first American woman to win the Nobel Prize and the first woman to win the prize in the category Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

This is a circular crater formation with a somewhat eroded outer rim. The inner wall has a shelf running around the western perimeter where the material has slumped somewhat from the edge. There is a small outward break in the northern wall, and a small crater lies against the eastern inner wall. The interior floor is marked by a few tiny craterlets, but no ridges or irregularities of note.


Cori or CORI may refer to:

  • Cori cycle, the metabolic pathway where lactic acid produced in the muscles is converted into glucose in the liver
  • Cori (lunar crater)
  • Cori (crater on Venus) on List of craters on Venus
  • Cori (name)
  • Cori, Lazio, a city in Italy
  • Cori language
  • Conference of Religious of Ireland
  • Coordinadora Reusenca Independent
  • Criminal Offender Record Information
  • Zyuri (Tatar: ), a village in Tatarstan
Cori (name)

Cori is both a surname and a given name. Notable people with the name include:


  • Carl Ferdinand Cori (1896–1984), American biochemist
  • Deysi Cori (born 1993), Peruvian chess player
  • Gerty Cori (1896–1957), American biochemist
  • Jorge Cori (born 1995), Peruvian chess player
  • Sacha Cori (born 1989), Italian footballer

Given name:

  • Cori Alexander (born 1985), American women's soccer player
  • Cori Blakebrough (born 1967), Canadian basketball player
  • Cori Schumacher (born 1977), American surfer
  • Cori Yarckin (born 1982), American actress and singer

Usage examples of "cori".

No one yet pushed Cori to tell how she had come to be given to the Sun, or how it had felt to wake up here in an alien bed instead of the expected house of Inti.

The toy Conquistador must be the most intriguing monster that young Cori had ever seen.

Doc, with Cori standing by a steadily as an experienced nurse, had a cart ready for the wounded man, and a bottle that they plugged into his arm even before they wheeled him off.

At last, Cori now doing most of the work, the two of them got their packs aboard the flyer, and he fired its engines up.

There Mike sat on a stone at roadside, letting his fever appear somewhat greater than it now was, while Cori, with her much greater facility in language and custom did some talking.

Dressing and packing were the work of a minute, and after Cori and he had eaten, they were quickly on the road.

All this while Cori was cheerful, talking more than he had ever known her to do.

On the way, Mike and Cori made the swaying passage of four more suspension bridges.

Mike looked at Cori, who had also taken some Spanish lessons at the Fort.

Disappearing into the friendly woman's clutches, Cori cast back a glance that Mike hoped was meant to be reassuring.

He tried to imagine himself and Cori coming home to Atlanta, the tall old house, the black yardman next door looking up from trimming the hedges.

But the general's directions were not given lightly, and he stirred Cori with a foot, found her already half-awake.

Mike got into the second litter in line, and looked back to see Cori step into the third.

Avoiding the Square of Joy where Spaniards were ever-present, and the eyes of the yanacona, most active collaborators, were the busiest, they traversed side streets to intercept the Royal Road that led out of the city to the west, the same road that Mike and Cori had entered Cuzco by.

Quizo camped in one small room and Mike and Cori in another, while their taciturn bearers tried to get along with some more convivial llama-drivers out in a common barracks.