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Corfe is a village and civil parish in Somerset, England, situated below the Blackdown Hills south of Taunton in the Taunton Deane district. The village has a population of 253.

Corfe (surname)

Corfe is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Arthur Corfe (1878–1949), New Zealand rugby union player
  • Charles Corfe (1843–1921), Bishop in Korea
  • Joffa Corfe (born 1964), Australian rules football supporter
  • Melissa Corfe (born 1986), South African swimmer

Usage examples of "corfe".

Corfe had taught them a few words of command in Normannic, and he shouted one now, emphasizing the order with a wave of his sabre.

Morin, it turned out, spoke good Normannic and Corfe detailed him as his adjutant and interpreter.

Crutchleigh stayed her step upon the stairs abruptly, and turned, with a look of fierce surprise upon her lean, white-headed lord, arresting thereby the upward march of Corfe Crutchleigh, Esq., the hope of his house, who was pulling on his gloves, with his eldest spinster sister on his lank arm.

This lately turned up ancestor, who does not date very far back, was also named Robert Browning, and is described on the mural marble as "formerly footman and butler to Sir John Bankes of Corfe Castle.

Though it is a rule of life that a train or other public place may contain any number of corfes but only one newspaper, it is quite possible to transform your own perfectly ordinary newspaper into a corfe by the simple expedient of letting somebody else read it.

Corfe asked, plugging the drill into an extension cord from a power point set in a concrete post at the end of the dock.

It seemed she was also a scientist by background, and, like Doug Corfe, had worked with Heber at a company called Microbotics, toward Redmond on the far side of Lake Washington, east of Seattle, which also produced microscale devices but of less advanced design.

Still retaining motor control of the larger mec, Corfe switched his vision to the channel that Michelle was watching.

Kevin picked up the container of polyester resin that Corfe had brought and studied the instructions on the label.

Corfe indicated the canvas tool bag containing the additional mecs and other items to be sent in from outside, which he had placed inside the rear door.