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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Corf \Corf\ (k[^o]rf), n.; pl. Corves (k[^o]rvz). [Cf. LG. & D. korf basket, G. korb, fr. L. corbis.]

  1. A basket.

  2. (Mining)

    1. A large basket used in carrying or hoisting coal or ore.

    2. A wooden frame, sled, or low-wheeled wagon, to convey coal or ore in the mines.


n. 1 (context mining English) A large basket, especially as used for coal. 2 A basket used to contain live fish underwater. 3 (context mining English) A wooden frame, sled, or low-wheeled wagon, to convey coal or ore in the mines.


A corf (pl. corves) also spelt corve (pl. corves) is a container of wood, net, chicken wire, metal or plastic used to contain live fish, eels or crustaceans (such as crayfish) underwater, at docks or in fishing boats.

Corf (disambiguation)

corf may refer to:

  • Corf, an underwater container used to hold live fish or crustaceans
  • Corf (mining), a basket or small wagon used for carrying coal
  • Alternate (archaic) spelling of River Corve in Shropshire, England

CORF may refer to

  • Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility
  • Commission for Organising the Fortified Regions (CORF), French military organisation
  • Combination Of Receptive Fields (CORF) operator for contour detection.
  • CORF and CORFing, see Basking in reflected glory
Corf (mining)

A corf (pl. corves) also spelt corve (pl. corves) in mining is a wicker basket or a small human powered (in later times in the case of the larger mines, horse drawn) waggon for carrying or transporting coal, ore, etc. Human powered corfs had generally been phased out by the turn of the 20th century, with horse drawn corfs having been mostly replaced by horse drawn or motorised minecarts mounted on rails by the late 1920s.

Usage examples of "corf".

Halfway up the tunnel, Lata pulled the ventilation fan back so that they could drag the corves through.

She fell into an uneasy dream of dragging bigger and bigger corves up a worse slope than any in the mine, with the Piper behind her dark and faceless and threatening, and her legs jerked and twitched all night as the overstrained muscles tried to remember how to rest.

The bearers came up from the pit, emptied their corves on the dump, and went down again in their endless round.

The women also began to gather: when they had emptied their corves they did not go back down the shaft but joined the silent crowd.

The other hewers put their tools into their corves and began rolling them back along the tunnel.

They passed one of the adits that drained water from the mine, then concealed themselves in an abandoned passage while half a dozen boys pushed empty corves along the main tunnel.

King is so powerless that his own army is run by advisers from these states, and so helpless that he enforces their corves of Kambu labor.