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Coren is a variant of the Roman masculine and female given name Corina meaning "spear".

It was the surname of the following people:

  • Alan Coren (1938–2007), English journalist and satirist
  • Anna Coren (born 1975), Australian journalist and television presenter
  • Finn Coren (born 1961), Norwegian musician
  • Giles Coren (born 1969), English journalist
  • Michael Coren (born 1959), Canadian columnist and radio personality
  • Richard Coren, American bridge player
  • Stanley Coren (born 1942), U.S. psychologist and student of dog behavior
  • Victoria Coren Mitchell (born 1972), English journalist and poker player
  • Yitzhak Coren (1911-1994), Israeli politician and Yiddish writer

Usage examples of "coren".

Once in place, Coren would be able to range wherever he wished within the warehouse, free of detection.

Except for small piles of boxes and litter, Coren saw nowhere to hide.

After a few seconds Coren felt confident that he would not be seen--not by this one, at least.

Some cringed back from the robot, but most stood fast, staring outrage at Coren Lanra.

Nothing personal, Coren, but if you found me, then it’s only a matter of time before the authorities find me.

While Coren watched, a huge pod drifted out of the writhing traffic and came to a stop before them.

It moved with an unusual grace, a fluid, almost organic motion, uncharacteristic of any robot with which Coren was familiar.

The stranger coughed heavily, a phlegmy hack Coren recognized as one of the recent strains of sublevel tuberculosis.

One man slept soundly by induced coma--an option Coren found more repellant than the flight itself --and the only others he could see clearly seemed to be Spacers, tall and elegant and gathered together in one section in the front of the cabin, talking animatedly, unfazed by the fact that they were hurtling through space with less than thirty centimeters of hull between them and vacuum.

Possible, but inconsistent with Nyom Looms--at least, not the Nyom Looms Coren thought he knew.

The few True Believers were unapproachable in any ordinary sense--those from whom Coren could extract information were, by definition, untrustworthy.

But Coren had not seen him clearly and with his optam stolen he had no images to work with.

Perhaps it was the idea of falling, but Coren felt at the edge of panic from the moment the shuttle left dock till he walked, legs trembling, into the concourse at Lyzig Station.

The foreman almost took a step closer to examine it, but Coren shoved it back into his pocket.

He gave Coren a last look--to which Coren returned a reassuring nod--then disappeared inside the warehouse.