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Coras (spider)

Coras is a genus of spiders in the family Agelenidae, with 15 described species that occur in eastern North America from Nova Scotia south to Florida. They can be readily distinguished from other genera in the subfamily by their anterior median eyes being larger than the anterior lateral eyes, whereas in other genera the reverse is true, along with a number of more technical reproductive features. The type species is Coras medicinalis.

These spiders are frequently found at or near ground level, or in cellars of houses, where they construct small and rather messy sheet webs on the ground and attached to nearby more elevated things. These webs are small in area and are connected to tubular retreats with simple signal or catching threads radiating from entrance.

The middle eyes in the lower or front row are as large as or larger than the eyes that flank them on the outside. The epigynum has projections at its forward corners. The legs have indistinct gray rings.

Usage examples of "coras".

Then two twin brothers from fair Tibur came, (Which from their brother Tiburs took the name,) Fierce Coras and Catillus, void of fear: Arm'd Argive horse they led, and in the front appear.

Oppos'd to these, come on with furious force Messapus, Coras, and the Latian horse.

It's the breeding place for every sort of beastliness - hurricanes bound for the States, big depressions that move across the North Atlantic at tremendous speed to give Iceland, and sometimes the Hebrides and the north of Scotland, wind speed almost as bad as the much-publicised Coras and Ethels and Janets and what-have-yous that cause such havoc in America.