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n. (plural of cope English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: cope)


Copes is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Juan Carlos Copes (born 1931), Tango dancer and choreographer
  • Parzival Copes (born 1924), Canadian economist

Usage examples of "copes".

One of the fruits of Copes labors was the vertebral column of large marine reptile, a plesiosaur.

Marsh, claiming that there were discrepancies in Copes reports and suggesting that he had backdated a number of reports to claim priority for his work, mounted a campaign to determine precisely the dates of Copes reports, when those reports were made public, and when and in what form they were published.

Marsh queried Baird, Agassiz, and other scientists to determine when they had received Copes reports.

Leidy did not possess Copes financial resources for fieldwork and therefore perhaps did not represent the same threat to Marsh that Cope did.

Cope found first, half the reason Marsh is tickled about it is that he gets to score points off Copes hide.

Sorry, guys, but how about if our landlord Copes came in to fix some pipes, started undoing this magical tape and left his fingerprint on it.

But he had to admire one thing about Mr Copes - the man had a serious bank account.

Farrell knew juries and he knew San Francisco, and you needed a lot more than they had on Levon Copes to convict anybody of murder here.

Hall of Justice community, the watering hole for the criminal legal community, of which he was - thanks to Levon Copes - a member in good standing.

He was here with the outrageous intention of talking the DA into dropping murder charges against Levon Copes right now or, failing that, deliver the message that Levon was prepared to go to trial.

Farrell the People were moving to dismiss the charges on Levon Copes to permit the time for further investigation.

Levon Copes with him, had moved out of the flow of humanity and, amused, was looking up at him.

But you remember I heard Levon Copes, too, and you and I came to different conclusions.