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n. (plural of coop English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: coop)

Usage examples of "coops".

The truck bed had steel-mesh coops welded to the floor on both sides, with solid walls separating each coop so that none of the cocks could see each other.

A machinist in Valdosta had made two of the traveling coops for me to my own specifications and design.

As you know, I ship them wormed, in wooden coops, but they'll need watering upon arrival.

Don't trust the damned express company to water birds en route—they'll steal the cracked corn out of the coops and make popcorn out of it.

When the birds were all washed and rubbed down, they were placed in separate sun coops for twenty minutes.

He was happy to have me, and told Omar that he would put me up in his spare bedroom and have some coops readied for my eight cocks.

A double door in the barrier provided an entranceway inside, and two-by-two coops were nailed to the interior walls of the barn to serve as cockhouses for visitors.

Although the old cockfighter complained, he helped me put the seven mature cocks into narrow traveling coops that were in the runs, and brought the three Grays that were already in coops over to my station wagon from his old car.

Seeing the back of the pickup and the station wagon both loaded with chicken coops, he didn't need to check our identification cards.

We dropped the canvas covers over the coops to keep the birds quiet, locked the door, and drove the short distance to the senator's home to sign the guest register.

We also arranged Ukridge's sugar-box coops in a row, and when we caught a fowl we put it in the coop and stuck a board in front of it.

Chickens kept straying into the wrong coops, where they got badly pecked by the residents.

Then the boat picked up all that was floating, coops, barrels, and boxes, which were immediately carried to the Chimneys.

Both were three stories tall, their workshops, chicken coops, and stables enclosed and connected to the rear of the main structure so that no one had to go outside during the bitter winter storms.

These extensions would include servants' quarters, storerooms, coops, stables, dairy, and all the other workaday parts that supported the elegant building.