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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Kalchu went to the chicken coop and lifted the hatch.
▪ The night came down around us, and it was dark by the time we reached the chicken coop.
▪ Snared rabbits: slept in a chicken coop: down in the underworld of docks.
▪ One burned the chicken coop to the ground.
▪ She walked round and lifted one of the slats from the roof of the lean-to chicken coop.
▪ When the men were building a new chicken coop, she would go out and help in whatever way she could.
▪ Apparently it's £50K on the table, £30K in the shower and £75K in the chicken coop...
▪ He would go out and wander over to the chicken coop.
▪ Then Deutschlandsender made their announcement yesterday that Hess had flown the coop and I think that clinched it for them.
▪ If a hawk flies over their coop, they scurry to shelter; if a pigeon, they do not.
▪ Plus it discourages funds that have already flown the coop from changing course and heading home again.
▪ The Tomahawk cruise missile, born in 1972 and built here ever since, has flown the coop.
fly the coop
▪ All my children have flown the coop now.
▪ Plus it discourages funds that have already flown the coop from changing course and heading home again.
▪ The Tomahawk cruise missile, born in 1972 and built here ever since, has flown the coop.
▪ Then Deutschlandsender made their announcement yesterday that Hess had flown the coop and I think that clinched it for them.
▪ Another story tells of a fox that stole a chicken from his coop and returned the bird alive.
▪ If a hawk flies over their coop, they scurry to shelter; if a pigeon, they do not.
▪ One burned the chicken coop to the ground.
▪ Plus it discourages funds that have already flown the coop from changing course and heading home again.
▪ She walked round and lifted one of the slats from the roof of the lean-to chicken coop.
▪ Since the crisis, the manager explains, the coop has not been able to afford fertilizers.
▪ Then Deutschlandsender made their announcement yesterday that Hess had flown the coop and I think that clinched it for them.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Coop \Coop\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Cooped; p. pr. & vb. n. Cooping.] To confine in a coop; hence, to shut up or confine in a narrow compass; to cramp; -- usually followed by up, sometimes by in.

The Trojans cooped within their walls so long.

The contempt of all other knowledge . . . coops the understanding up within narrow bounds.

2. To work upon in the manner of a cooper. [Obs.] ``Shaken tubs . . . be new cooped.''

Syn: To crowd; confine; imprison.


Coop \Coop\ (k[=oo]p), n. [Cf. AS. cypa a measure, D. kuip tub, Icel. kupa bowl, G. kufe coop tub; all fr. L. cupa vat, tub, LL. cupa, copa, cup. See Cup, and cf. Keeve.]

  1. A barrel or cask for liquor. [Obs.]

  2. An inclosure for keeping small animals; a pen; especially, a grated box for confining poultry.

  3. A cart made close with boards; a tumbrel. [Scotch]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"small cage for poultry," mid-14c., from Old English cype, cypa "basket, cask," akin to Middle Dutch kupe, Swedish kupa, and all probably from Latin cupa "tub, cask," from PIE *keup- "hollow mound" (see cup (n.)).


1560s, from coop (n.). Related: Cooped; cooping.


Etymology 1 n. 1 A pen or enclosure for birds. 2 (context slang English) jail 3 A barrel or cask for liquor. 4 (context Scotland English) A cart from boards; a tumbrel. vb. 1 To keep in a coop. 2 (context transitive English) To shut up or confine in a narrow space; to cramp. 3 (context obsolete transitive English) To work upon in the manner of a cooper. Etymology 2

n. (alternative spelling of co-op English)

  1. n. a farm building for housing poultry [syn: chicken coop, hencoop, henhouse]

  2. an enclosure made or wire or metal bars in which birds or animals are kept [syn: cage]


Coop, COOP or Co-op may refer to:

Coop (Italy)

Coop is a system of Italian consumers' cooperatives which operates the largest supermarket chain in Italy. Its headquarters are located in Casalecchio di Reno, Province of Bologna.

The first cooperative shop was established in Turin in 1854. As of 2010, Coop's system operates with 115 consumers' cooperatives of various sizes (9 large, 14 medium, and 92 small), with 1,444 shops, 56,682 employers, more than 7.429.847 members, and an annual revenue of €12.9 billion.

COOP (Puerto Rico)

Coop or Supermercados Fam Coop is a Puerto Rican supermarket chain. It has been operating since the 1960s.

Coop (Hungary)

Coop is a Hungarian supermarket chain and buying group with about 4000 stores. In 2015, it is the second largest retail chain in Hungary.

Coop (surname)

Coop is the surname of:

  • Brianna Coop (born 1998), Australian Paralympic sprinter
  • Franco Coop (1891-1962), Italian film actor
  • Jane Coop (born 1950), Canadian pianist
  • Jim Coop (1927-1996), English footballer
  • Mick Coop (born 1948), English footballer
  • Thomas Coop (1863-1929), English rugby union footballer
Coop (Charmed)

Coop is a fictional character who appeared in the American television supernatural drama Charmed, which aired on the WB Television Network (the WB) from 1998 to 2006. Charmed follows the supernatural adventures of the Halliwell sisters who are known as the Charmed Ones, or the most powerful witches of all time. The character was created by executive producer Brad Kern and was portrayed by Victor Webster. Coop is depicted as a Cupid, a magical being associated with love, who is over two centuries old. He appeared in the last seven episodes of the final season of Charmed, and appears in canonical works from the expanded universe material, such as the series' comic book adaptation.

Coop (artist)

Coop (real name Chris Cooper) is a hot rod artist working from Los Angeles. He was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1968, and describes his occupation as "Insensitive Artiste." His work consists primarily of barely clothed Bettie Page-style 1950s soft pornography and/or B-movie monsters, with the female characters often taking the role of "Devil-Women". The image most often associated with his work is however slightly more tame: the face of a grinning devil with a smoking cigar clamped in its teeth.

Coop has become popular with certain bands and labels and has provided art for several Sympathy for the Record Industry releases as well as the posters for The Reverend Horton Heat, Lords of Acid, MxPx, Green Day, Nirvana, Soundgarden and Foo Fighters.

Coop is an avid hot rod enthusiast and well-known amongst the Kustom Kulture community. He makes an annual appearance at the Mooneyes Xmas party.

He released a book in 2001 called Devil's Advocate: The Art of Coop. In 2004 he released The Big Fat One, containing 1008 pages of collected sketches, and has recently formed a collaboration with Hot Wheels to sell a series of miniature "Coop-Customized" hot rods. His latest book, Idle Hands, was published in 2012 by Baby Tattoo Books, and focuses on his fine art, dating from 2001 to 2012.

Coop (Switzerland)

Coop Cooperative is one of Switzerland's largest retail and wholesale companies. It is structured in the form of a cooperative society with around 2.5 million members.

As of 2015, Coop operates 2,213 shops and employs more than 54,000 people in Switzerland. According to Bio Suisse, the Swiss organic producers' association, Coop accounts for half of all the organic food sold in Switzerland. In June 2011, independent German rating agency oekom research AG awarded Coop with the title of "World's Most Sustainable Retailer". Coop has three primary brands with a sustainability selling proposition: Coop Oecoplan (various daily life products), Coop Naturaline (textile products) and Coop Naturaplan (food). The company also sells products bearing the Max Havelaar Fairtrade label.

Coop also has a low-cost product line, " Prix Garantie. "

Coop owns the Swiss chocolate company Halba.

Coop publishes a weekly magazine called Coopzeitung (in German), Coopération (in French) and Cooperazione (in Italian).

The chain has an online presence called [email protected] The web site offers much of the same selection found in the Coop stores and delivers groceries, wine, flowers, books, and other products to customers in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. It currently markets its services in German, French, and English.

Coop (Netherlands)

Coop Supermarkten is a supermarket chain founded in 1891 in Zaandam, Netherlands. It is named after the cooperative aspects of the company. In 2001, the company merged with wholesale purchaser Codis to form CoopCodis. In 2009, the name was changed again, from CoopCodis to Coop Supermarkten. Coop Supermarkten takes part in the Dutch wholesale purchasing cooperative Superunie.

In the last few years, the company launched a new type of store called Supercoop: these large stores are placed in areas where there is usually a lot of competition from other chains and they are seen as a response to the Dutch price war among supermarkets . With these new stores, the colors that the chain used were gradually changed from red and blue to orange, red and grey. The (new) logo is the store brand (Coop, Supercoop, or CoopCompact) in orange with a big red striking arc under it.

Their market share in 2013 was around 2.8 percent.

The company has a customer loyalty card, called "Coop Klantenkaart" in Dutch.

Usage examples of "coop".

She had been cooped up in classrooms too long, earning money so that she could explore the Anasazi homeland during the long summer break.

And behind the house was the chicken coop, a miniature of its shanty self, where conceited hens stalked complacently about peering beadily this way and that, crooning their smug song of the Sacred Vessel, and squirting their droppings in the grass with the righteousness of saints.

After all, Botswana beef was fine, grass-fed beef, and tasted so much better than the meat of those poor cattle which were kept cooped up or which were fed food that cattle should not eat.

That henpecked monarch, instead of strangling his brother Teyaspa in the approved Turanian manner, has been prevailed upon to keep him cooped up in a castle deep in the Colchian Mountains, southeast of Vilayet, as a prisoner of the Zaporoskan brigand Gleg.

It seems Miranda Coop struck a private bargain with Crofton before the contest began.

She thought of Crofton, and Miranda Coop, and what a debasement that had been of this.

Gabe gestured with his head, this time toward the engineless body of an old pickup that lay almost hidden among the trees on the hillside behind the chicken coop.

The warming rain collected in his tarp, but it denied him dry under as well, and Coop existed on his own fat and fiddlehead ferns for a week.

In that very same orchard behind his house, where once as a small boy he had seen Bird for the first time and had felt the tremor of joy of that adventure, he now paced back and forth in agitation, to the goat stall, to the kitchen window, to the rabbit coop and beyond, his Sunday coat grazing the hayrakes, pitchforks, and scythes hanging on the back wall of the barn -- upset and confused, almost intoxicated with thoughts, wishes, and resolutions, heavyhearted, thinking of Judas, a thousand heavy dream-ducats in the bag.

I call to mind the specific language of the Treaty Mospheira which calls for experimental contacts in s ence leading to agreements of definition and unequivo terminology, with a view tofuture intercultural coope tions under the appointment of appropriate atevi offic This seems to me one of those areas in which coop ation could work to the benefit of atevi, widening int cultural understanding, fulfilling all provisions of t Treaty wherein .

At least the cold kept down the smellfrom backyard privies, chicken coops, pigeon houses, pig sties.

Cooped in under the shedlike pier roof, the smoke itself took fantastic shapes when added explosions forced it into swirls.

As he crossed the dusty ground toward the former chicken coop where Sias shoveled more coal into the crude forge, Nylan looked back at the line of crocks that Sylenia and Ayrlyn and a half squad of levies had gathered from around Syskar.

There was a chicken coop where two dozen hens pecked at the bars like Skinnerian pigeons, a goat at the end of a long leash eating trash, hamsters treading endlessly on plastic wheels and a basset hound who bayed half-heartedly at the darkening sky.

But he was grateful for the rest stop anyway, being cooped up with Zippo and Ajax, listening to their bickering made every trip seem longer than it was.