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Crossword clues for cooks


n. (plural of cook English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: cook)

Usage examples of "cooks".

Robin and Jilamey acted as chief cooks, turning hunks of meat on the broad grills, and explaining to the Gringg what "barbecue' meant.

One of the cooks was a natural genius - so good that Sassinak caught herself thinking about putting him on her duty shift, permanently.

If the Loosies don't please him, he cooks them alive in that boiling mud!

Probably in the depths of the dungeon, there's a host of fuzzy-faced cooks working their heads off, and furry sommeliers decanting wine.

Scores of fur-faced cooks and assistants hurried around like ants, carrying pots and pans to the huge, multi-burner stoves lined up against the walls or hauling full platters of cooked food to vast tables that ran down the center of the chamber.

He noted the three seismic engineers from the Japanese army, three servicemen in First Base slate-gray fatigues on their way back after R and R, the two replacement cooks, both women, and the four men who must be the solar heating engineers.

Poisoning is always possible, but it's the contract cooks on duty right now and I don't think they're likely suspects.

Soon the cakes and pies and other baked goods would arrive, and the other dishes the village's best cooks would provide.

Besides, Sandy's a good cook and it's a smart idea to be on the right side of the cooks, you know.

They'd eaten - Bart was absent, asleep, one of the other cooks said, yawning - and were getting their travel rations when Esker came in with six people, five men and a woman who was nearly as tall as Kris.

He dropped the rocksquats with the cooks, but not the sack in his right hand.

We do have that salve Patti made up which the cooks all swear by, to keep the skin supple.

He had steadfastly refused to have a little game with cooks or guards, which accounted for a good deal of the general animosity towards him.

Instantly cooks descended with plates overflowing with food, wine for him and klah for Leopol.

Now, I'll need a lot of sterile, two liter glass containers with screw tops, stout cord, fresh reeds span-length, I've got needlethorns, redwort and oh, boil me that syringe the cooks use to baste meats.