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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ And so every fall, he would have a party-a cookout on the beach with a big bonfire.
▪ Astrid had refused to come tonight, instead had gone to a cookout with her girlfriend.
▪ Free slide programs, lectures, films and outdoor cookouts are scheduled evenings throughout the summer.
▪ Jeep tours, hayrides, chuck wagon cookouts and trail rides are available for a fee.
▪ People living within walking distance of the track decorate their houses for the family cookout with checkered flags and banners.
▪ We would have a big cookout.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also cook-out, 1930, American English, from cook (v.) + out (adv.).


n. (context US English) A gathering for a meal that is cooked and eaten outside; either a domestic barbecue or a larger social event.


n. an informal meal cooked and eaten outdoors


Cookout may refer to:

  • a barbecue
  • Cook Out (restaurant), a fast food chain based in North Carolina
  • The Cookout, a 2004 film set around a cookout

Usage examples of "cookout".

Casey and her mother and Francis spent the rest of the afternoon preparing for the Fourth of July cookout the next day.

It was a tradition that the wives were invited up to the male domain, presumably for a cookout, but in reality to give the place a good spring-cleaning in preparation for the next season.

Now that the time of her cookout was approaching, clouds had moved in.

A few days later, Michael threw a cookout as a farewell celebration for Sanya, who was heading back to Europe now that the Shroud had been returned to Father Forthill.

The cookout is tomorrow, and it is rather difficult to give you directions as to how to find the place yourself.

Even TK, who had seemed just as out of place at the cookout as herself, had treated her like a sister, and, as though on an impulse, had given her his address and phone number.

The Klan and the White Racialists had held cookouts and cross-burnings in Polkville and Lenoir.

The scents of charbroiling meat mingling with the heat of the day made her think of family cookouts and picnics.

Kenny listened wide-eyed as he talked about canoe trips and cookouts, rustic cabins, evening baseball games and a lake with a white sandy beach.

Obviously, Eve realized, there was a great deal to be said for family cookouts after all.

Inside, there would be a pool and Jacuzzi, probably a game room with a pool table, cookouts every night, and plenty of young women.

Did we suppose he could look his Sally Ann straight in the eye, reconciliationwise, or salute the College pennant at the next Junior Enochist cookout, if his conscience weren't clean as a hound's tooth?

They cook with gas there, and this killer deserves a four-burner cookout.