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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Chief hare \Chief" hare`\ (Zo["o]l.) A small rodent ( Lagamys princeps) inhabiting the summits of the Rocky Mountains; -- also called crying hare, calling hare, cony, American pika, and little chief hare.

Note: It is not a true hare or rabbit, but belongs to the curious family Lagomyid[ae].

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

see coney.


n. 1 A rabbit, especially the European rabbit, ''Oryctolagus cuniculus'' (formerly known as (taxlink Lepus cuniculus species noshow=1)). 2 (context UK dialect English) Rabbit fur. 3 Used in the Old Testament as a translation of Hebrew ''šāpān'' (''shaapaan'', ''shaphan''), thought to be the (vern: rock hyrax) ((taxlink Hyrax syriacus species noshow=1)). 4 Locally for other rabbit-like or hyrax-like animals, such as the (vern: Cape hyrax) ((vern das novern=1), dassie) or the pika ((taxlink Ochotona princeps species noshow=1), formerly (taxlink Lagomys princeps species noshow=1)). 5 (context obsolete English) A simpleton; one who may be taken in by a cony-catcher. 6 An edible West Indian fish, a grouper given in different sources as: (taxlink Epinephelus apua species noshow=1), the hind of Bermuda; (vern: nigger-fish), (taxlink Epinephelus punctatus species noshow=1); (taxlink Cephalopholis fulvus species noshow=1). 7 Several species of tropical west Atlantic groupers of family ''(taxlink Epinephelidae family noshow=1)'', such as the (vern: mutton hamlet), (vern: graysby), (vern: Cuban coney), and (vern: rooster hind). 8 (context UK dialect English) The burbot.

  1. n. any of several small ungulate mammals of Africa and Asia with rodent-like incisors and feet with hooflike toes [syn: hyrax, coney, dassie, das]

  2. small short-eared burrowing mammal of rocky uplands of Asia and western North America [syn: pika, mouse hare, rock rabbit, coney]

  3. any of various burrowing animals of the family Leporidae having long ears and short tails; some domesticated and raised for pets or food [syn: rabbit, coney]

Cony (surname)

Cony is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Carlos Heitor Cony (born 1926), Brazilian journalist and author
  • Joseph S. Cony (1834–1867), United States Navy officer
  • Samuel Cony (1811–1870), American politician

Usage examples of "cony".

In fact, he is so obliging that by and by he conies back and lets Harry the Horse and Spanish John tie him up good and tight, and stick a handkerchief in his mouth and chuck him in an areaway next to the office, so nobody will think he has anything to do with opening the safe in case anybody comes around asking.

The conies had hundreds of buries under these trees, so close together that the problem was not to find a rabbit, but to find a rabbit far enough away from its hole.

They chose two trees about a hundred yards apart, and each boy stood under one of them, waiting for the conies to come out again.

Edwin Warrener come to bring some conies for our supper an a parcel of ferrets for your entertainment.

The warrener, meanwhile, was looking about for somewhere to put the bunch of furry bodies which he held in one hand, and which Elys was trying to avoid looking at, for she always felt sorry to see dead conies although she was not averse to eating them when they appeared, roasted or in a pie, at the supper-table.

The problem was solved by the entry of one of the servants, who must have heard the visitors arrive, for he brought a jug of ale, a spice-box and some cups on a tray, which he put down on another stool nearby, collected the conies from Edwin and took them away to the kitchen.

She sounded a little anxious, for rights of warren were strictly limited, and conies were a luxury.

Father Warmand and Father Radulf were the only canons who were free of duties here, or in the outlying parishes, that evening, and they were the first to arrive, followed by Lukin Dulpain, Master Peter the schoolmaster, Alvin Bisemare, and many other of the townsfolk, including, of course, Edwin Warrener, who brought what could only be described as a bouquet of conies and daffodils, all arranged in one great bunch, for Mistress Mayngod, towards whom, according to Lukin, he nurtured certain intentions.

The canons had distributed various joints of meat, chickens, capons, conies, eggs, milk, honey, flour, almonds, and other raw materials among the housewives, who had added what they could, and a great fragrance of roasting, baking and boiling hung over the town during the afternoon.

He then winked at Elys, asked her gravely if she would be so kind as to tell Mistress Mayngod that Edwin was busy with an injured ferret, and would not be bringing any conies until tomorrow.

Edwin had spent the whole of the previous night out with his ferrets, which thought this a desirable departure from his normal expectation that they should work during the day, when, as any ferret knows, conies are out of their burrows and harder to catch, and any sensible ferret fast asleep.

She had made embroidered pencases for her brothers a length of braid for Mistress Mayngod with fruit and leaves embroidered on it, a cap for Lukin, and a dozen little soft collars, each embroidered with flowers and conies, for Edwin.

Now conies time for the purpose of the marriage of Octavia to show itself.

I know is, the authorities say the illumination conies from somesome interaction between the layers of the sky.

Late at night when I am too weary to push away the longing, she conies looking for me, begging me to simply be with her and my fear of her.