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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Basso \Bas"so\, n. [It., fr. LL. bassus. See Base, a.] (Mus.)

  1. The bass or lowest part; as, to sing basso.

  2. One who sings the lowest part.

  3. The double bass, or contrabasso.

    Basso continuo. [It., bass continued.] (Mus.) A bass part written out continuously, while the other parts of the harmony are indicated by figures attached to the bass; continued bass.


n. (context music English) The largest kind of bass viol.

Usage examples of "contrabasso".

Responding to the beginnings of a contrabasso growl, he added, "This last, through no slightest fault of Thoheeks Bahos and his committee, but simply through a dearth of state-slaves, suitable materials on hand where and when needed and difficulty of transporting said materials elsewhere quickly.

They did not hear the well-oiled hinges of the shutters covering a window above them, and by the time they heard the contrabasso thrrruuumm of the crossbow, its thick, stubby bolt had torn through the back and the front of a mail hauberk and the thickness of the body between them, then sped on to penetrate yet one more layer of mail and lodge finally in the hipbone of that man-at-arms.

And the brahbehrnuh whirled and almost ran from the place now resounding with the contrabasso booming of the giant's voice.

The slave dealer's voice was a contrabasso growl, albeit a merry-sounding and eminently friendly growl.

This was joined by a rolling murmur that intensified and revealed itself to be a sonorous contrabasso chant, sung by inhuman voices.