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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a confidential report (=one that only a few people see)
▪ He made a confidential report to UN headquarters in New York.
a private/confidential chat
▪ Have a confidential chat with the school nurse.
confidential records
▪ They were transferring confidential student records onto computer.
▪ That information was confidential and should not have been passed on.
▪ Much Government information continues to be filed inaccessibly away at central and local level, often classified as commercially confidential.
▪ In many cases, information stored in computer systems is highly confidential.
▪ These forms are highly confidential between the Doctor and the Chief Medical Officer.
▪ Similarly, it may be warranted in situations where highly confidential and sensitive material is to be handled by the job holder.
▪ The findings are strictly confidential and we do not know if these athletes were allowed to compete.
▪ The questionnaire itself is strictly confidential.
▪ All personal details are treated as strictly confidential and remain on computer file.
▪ The information will be regarded as strictly confidential.
▪ This post demands a high level of commitment in dealing with individual companies seeking sites and premises on a confidential basis.
▪ There were extremely important secret and confidential documents to be drawn up.
▪ Then he admits the company has filed confidential documents with the Arizona Corporation Commission detailing its stranded costs.
▪ But government departments do not like premature appearances of confidential documents addressed to them.
▪ He says that it is a confidential document.
▪ Paul received information from other hackers which he used to invade the confidential files of international institutions.
▪ The first concerns the definition of confidential information.
▪ He added that the penalties against leaking confidential information were severe.
▪ A separate venue must be available, however, if confidential information is to be considered in relation to nursing care.
▪ Of course for the obligation of confidence to lapse the information published must be the same as the confidential information.
▪ If they discovered evidence of share dealing ahead of the takeover by individuals using confidential information they would institute more formal inquiries.
▪ All one may own are such rights as the law confers upon some one who holds confidential information.
▪ It is essential that there is an unauthorised use of the confidential information.
▪ The adjudicating committee can also override this right where confidential information is involved.
▪ Alongside it were hundreds of patients' confidential medical notes, dozens of confidential letters to senior hospital staff and post-mortem reports.
▪ In other cases an innocent recipient may be protected at least until he becomes aware of the confidential nature of the information.
▪ He reminds them of the confidential nature of the case: nobody is to discuss it outside the room.
▪ The difficulties in the process are compounded by the confidential nature of the process.
▪ She was not one for planning or manoeuvring but confidential reports are kept on Salvation Army officers throughout their careers.
▪ A confidential report has revealed the woman was prepared three times for an operation she didn't need.
▪ The Northern has obtained a confidential report written by the authority's director of estates Graham Oak.
▪ The hearing was to determine if the reporter, Jennifer Lenhart, should be forced to reveal her confidential sources.
▪ The Chronicle argues that reporters have a limited constitutional right not to disclose confidential sources.
▪ Journalists frequently protect the identity of confidential sources from police, courts or government officials.
▪ He has his confidential sources of information.
▪ The Examiner obtained the memo Monday from a confidential source.
▪ Always protect confidential files by locking them with a password.
▪ An employee secretly gave confidential memos to the press.
▪ During the ride back home, Mom started to talk about her problems in a confidential way.
▪ In 1965, a confidential report to President Johnson was leaked to the press.
▪ The information we received is of a highly confidential nature and relates to national security.
▪ We hold confidential records on each employee.
▪ Ads on the subways asked us to call a confidential hotline if we knew what crimes our local school board was committing.
▪ All the information will be confidential.
▪ For example, online techniques are being increasingly used for the rapid transmission of confidential non-publicly available information.
▪ He declined to give details, citing agreements with courts to keep this information confidential for the time being.
▪ Jeffrey has said the remark was supposed to remain confidential and was intended to be sarcastic.
▪ She was not one for planning or manoeuvring but confidential reports are kept on Salvation Army officers throughout their careers.
▪ We will, of course, treat all information we receive as confidential.
▪ Young people will have the right to confidential medical advice and treatment.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

classified \classified\ adj.

  1. arranged into classes or categories; as, unclassified.

    Syn: categorized.

  2. assigned to a class of documents withheld from general circulation; -- of information or documents. Opposite of unclassified.

    Note: [Narrower terms: eyes-only; confidential; restricted; secret; sensitive; top-secret]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1759, from Latin confidentia (see confidence) + -al (1). Related: Confidentiality; confidentially.


a. 1 (meant to be) kept secret within a certain circle of persons; not intended to be known publicly 2 (context dated English) Inclined to share confidences.

  1. adj. entrusted with private information and the confidence of another; "a confidential secretary"

  2. (of information) given in confidence or in secret; "closet information"; "this arrangement must be kept confidential"; "their secret communications" [syn: closet(a), secret]

  3. denoting confidence or intimacy; "a confidential approach"; "in confidential tone of voice"

  4. the level of official classification for documents next above restricted and below secret; available only to persons authorized to see documents so classified

Confidential (magazine)

Confidential was a magazine published quarterly from December 1952 to August 1953 and then bi-monthly until it ceased publication in 1978. It was founded by Robert Harrison and is considered a pioneer in scandal, gossip and exposé journalism.

Confidential (M-1 album)

Confidential is the debut solo album by rapper M-1 (from the hip-hop duo dead prez). It was Released on March 21, 2006. The album is a DualDisc, with a DVD side featuring a twenty-minute documentary on the making of Confidential and the entire album in stereo sound. Confidential features guest appearances from M-1's dead prez partner, Q-Tip, Cassandra Wilson, Styles P, Ghostface Killah, and K'naan. The album features the single "'Til We Get There", which was voted into rotation on New York's Hot 97.

Confidential (TV series)

Confidential, a joint venture between Foxtel and News Limited, is an Australian weekly entertainment news show. Talking about the latest in Australian gossip and celebrities. The program is based on the highly successful Confidential column in News Limited newspapers around the country, and is Australia's answer to E! News. The program made its debut on 6 June 2007.

Confidential (disambiguation)

Confidentiality is ensuring that information is accessible only to those authorized to have access.

Confidential may also refer to:

  • "Confidential", a 1959 song by The Fleetwoods
  • Confidential (magazine), a gossip magazine
  • Confidential (Eyeliners album), 1997
  • Confidential (M-1 album), 2006
  • Confidential (High Contrast album), 2009
  • Confidential (TV series), an Australian weekly entertainment news show
Confidential (Eyeliners album)

Confidential is an album by The Eyeliners, released on 27 May 1997 by Sympathy for the Record Industry.

Confidential (High Contrast album)

High Contrast Confidential is the fourth album and the second double album from the Welsh drum and bass producer High Contrast, released on April 27, 2009 on the Hospital Records label. It is an assortment of handpicked songs he has written in the past. The first disc includes a premium selection of singles from his previous three albums but the second disc includes some of his remixes from the past.

The Album Art contains aspects of High Contrast's previous albums. The backdrop is the same as True Colours, he has the suit and cocktail from High Society and the phone pictured on the cover of Tough Guys Don't Dance is lying on the floor.

Confidential (film)

Confidential is a 1935 American crime film directed by Edward L. Cahn and written by Wellyn Totman and Olive Cooper. The film stars Donald Cook, Evalyn Knapp, Theodore von Eltz, Warren Hymer, J. Carrol Naish and Herbert Rawlinson. The film was released on October 16, 1935, by Mascot Pictures.

Usage examples of "confidential".

Nimbus hovered near them while Festina whispered to Aarhus in confidential tones.

On December 31, 1793, Jefferson resigned as Secretary of State, news that led Adams to write at length on the subject of his friend, saying things in several family letters he had not said before and that he wished to remain confidential.

At last, on May 26, Adams sent off a confidential letter to John Quincy with the biggest news he had been able to report in years.

The remaining details surrounding her story came from confidential Bureau sources and retired agents close to the investigation who agreed to speak to me on the record.

I put into the words took the bluster out of Angers and made him adopt a more confidential manner.

The knock belonged to Atlee, for Sandersham, when he had departed for this exile, had finally decided to bring his confidential secretary with him.

Now the role of confidential adviser to the boys was not a new one to the barkeeper, nor was anyone in the camp more familiar than he with their good qualities as well as their failings.

France is all right in its way, but I came to the conclusion that the greatest and broadest stroke of diplomacy possible to Englishmen to-day was to cultivate more benevolent and more confidential relations with Germany.

Hamburg told me that confidential letters received by him from Erfurt led him to fear that the Emperor Alexander had communicated to Napoleon his designs on Finland, and that Napoleon had given his consent to the occupation.

From that time forward Mary and her grandmother were on more confidential terms, and when, two days later, Fellside was startled into life by the unexpected arrival of Lord Maulevrier and Mr.

I would like to tell you about the Gotham Roses, but before I do, I must know that you understand that what I am about to tell you is highly confidential.

I want you to listen to what Gregoire and Ollie Schneider, our Vice President for Confidential Services, have to say about the situation on Tyrins.

Cranston explained the confidential nature of his visit and Hankey nodded.

Nicolaes Huygens, my trusted, confidential , source of information about foreign science.

Industrial spies or computer intruders who have access to any intracompany mail pickup points can easily send forged authorization letters or internal forms that authorize personnel to release Confidential information or to perform .