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conceive of

v. form a mental image of something that is not present or that is not the case; "Can you conceive of him as the president?" [syn: imagine, ideate, envisage]

Usage examples of "conceive of".

For we are not to conceive of this work in a carnal fashion, as if God wrought as we commonly see artisans, who use their hands, and material furnished to them, that by their artistic skill they may fashion some material object.

But we found, O Lord, men praying to Thee, and we learned from them to conceive of Thee, according to our ability, to be some Great One, who was able (though not visible to our senses) to hear and help us.

If love is a medicine that heals every pain with a yet greater pain, can I not perhaps conceive of it as a suffering that kills through excess every other suffering, until it becomes a balm for all save itself?

I do not thereby represent myself to myself, either as I am, or as I appear to myself, but I only conceive of myself, as of any other object, without taking account of the manner of intuition.

Danlo really didn't understand civilized people, nor could he conceive of the kinds of gods they might become.

I can conceive of few more foolish notions than to be keeping a horse and groom in a town—.

Nirvana is a state belonging to a different plane, to a higher dimension than anything we can at present conceive of.

We cannot logically conceive of a universe in which this proposition constituted the whole of truth.

But we can't conceive of it as earthly creatures, and only I could know how it had damaged and torn my heart and soul.