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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"given or admitted free," 1960s, see comp.


vb. (en-past of: comp)

Usage examples of "comped".

Item after item from the list he had set to simmer overnight was being comped out as unusable, and his contract still had nine months to run.

Since there was absolutely no hope of anything turned up by such a blanket order being comped and usable by show-time today, he flagged the subject for overnight holding and turned back to immediately exmaterial.

Meanwhile the number of items we have comped out on network say-so rises steadily.

What it would be like trying to deal with Prior tomorrow morning when, on top of today's quarrel, he discovered that there was material scheduled about which he hadn't been consulted, and which hadn't even been comped for acceptability before it was put down, he hardly dared to think.

Diablo happened to have been the bearer of that straw, and had let it fall at the moment when rational judgment warned that he dare not respond, for there was a show to be taped and comped and revised and delivered in barely two hours.

Well, I'll just have all the stories comped out which I left to simmer overand check the monitor back to see what's come in since.

Once I used something comped at seventy-eight and I had to apologize and pay damages, but I never got caught on anything with a rating over eighty on this equipment.

You picked a good day, Diablo-we seem to have tapped a gang of very deep subNever mind, there's one other point I'd like comped before I start compiling the tape for the show and we still have about ninety minutes in hand.

Flamen has already stated that the site is probably in Nevada, which I concede is accurate, and the method of our mutual communication is comped to be inexplicable in terms comprehensible to you.

Big players were, of course, comped, RFB—free room, food and bever­age.

Cully recalled that in Vegas he had never asked to be comped for the golf course.

That the next time Charlie came to Vegas he would have the best suite and be comped all the way.

Colleen was showing her tissues that her team had comped up just that morning using the theme they’d discussed the night before.

After making introductions, Terese had Alice run through a number of the potential commercial ideas they’d comped up that day.

         The happy couple had composed their own vows, she declaring from memory in a clear voice rich with emotion her ardent fidelity to this stranger from the east, strange no more, an uncommon man deserving of greater happiness than she could provide, but nonetheless assured of finding in her company, as long as she was capable of drawing a breath, house advantage, sound money management, and all the love he would ever need -- comped -- while he, reading in halting rhythms from the scribbled sheet of hotel stationary in his quivering hand, pledged his strength to a fierce defense of their continued bliss, promised to honor the snowflake-special particularity that was Kara, to cherish the utter incorruptibility of her butterfly soul.