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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Gerry works for the theater, and gets two comps for every play.
▪ We comped tickets for some of the volunteers.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"complimentary ticket," 1885, short for complimentary. Meaning "nonpaying guest" is attested by 1930s; generalized to "anything given free" by 1960s. As a verb, by 1974. Related: Comped; comping. As a shortening of compensation (especially worker's/workman's) it was in use by 1970s.


n. 1 A competition. 2 (context British English) A comprehensive#Noun school 3 A complimentary ticket or item 4 A comparable#Noun. 5 A computer, especially a desktop computer 6 compensation. 7 A composite#Noun, a composition 8 A comptroller. 9 A (pedlink: comprehensive examination). 10 A compile. 11 A compilation. 12 A comprehensive layout, a graphic design showing final proposed layout of text and images. vb. 1 (context intransitive US English) To accompany, in music 2 (context transitive English) To compose (a visual design); to make a composite. 3 (context transitive English) To provide (a complimentary item, such as a ticket) to (someone).


Comp, COMP or Comps may refer to:

Comp (command)

In computing, comp is a command used on DOS, Microsoft Windows and related computer operating systems, which performs a binary comparison of multiple files and shows the differences between them. The comp command first appeared in PC DOS 1.0 and has been included in most versions of MS-DOS and PC DOS. It is also included as a console command in Windows. A newer command, fc was added in DOS 3.3 which allows for line comparisons in addition to binary comparisons.

Usage examples of "comp".

Quickly, he went to the other main console in the room, the comp repro board.

Beams of light shot at the alien from every laser port the comp could bring to bear.

The comp automatically blinked the c-vector shield to let the torpedoes out.

It was another scanner probe, like the one that tried to break into the comp earlier.

When he was done with the comp, he got even with her for spilling ice cream on him.

Five hundred pounds of hard copy, a bunch of comp husks, and a pile of robot parts.

GoBop explained, pulling sheets of software fiche from zippered vest pockets like some comp magician.

The four kids had managed to cart all the robotware and comp junk into the service elevator and were presumably down on the street now trying to convince some free-lance trasher there was nothing toxic or hazardous hidden away in any of the shells.

Tell you the truth, Comp had never told us about the experiment before.

Either Comp felt that his hands would break chunks from any utensils the bees might make, or Comp was disinclined to produce anything clumsy enough to be sturdy enough.

When Comp reached the serviceability threshold, certain gross externals were modified very nearly overnight, but the verities remain.

And of course we are well mannered, since we each share with Comp and none of us regards any other one as a potential source or drain of commodities.

He takes a comp deck out of an inner pocket and plugs it into the table.

She sits before the comp deck and puts her head between her legs, gulping air.

He calls up the maps he has stored on comp, and displays begin pulsing like strobes on the inside of his skull.