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Comley is a hamlet in Shropshire, England. It is near the A49 road, to the northeast of Church Stretton.

It is situated between two prominent hills: Caer Caradoc to the south and The Lawley to the north. The elevation of the hamlet is around above sea level.

The hamlet is largely in the civil parish of Cardington, but Comley Farm is just within Longnor.

Shropshire Wildlife Trust have a nature reserve in the former Comley Quarry.

Comley (surname)

Comley is a surname. Notable people with the name include:

  • Bonnie Comley, American screen producer, writer and performer
  • James Comley (born 1991), English soccer player
  • James F Comley, American elevator safety expert
  • M. A. Comley, British author of romance thrillers
  • Larry Comley (1939–2006), American professional basketball player
  • Rick Comley (born 1947), American collegiate ice hockey player and head coach

Usage examples of "comley".

  Several surnames still extant in the parish are found in the register, Cox, Comley, Collins, Goodchild, Woods, Wareham - Anne and Abraham were the twin children of John and Anne Diddams, a curious connection with the name Didymus (twin), which seems to be the origin.