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Comino , formerly called Ephestia, is an island of the Maltese archipelago between the islands of Malta and Gozo in the Mediterranean Sea, measuring in area. Named after the cumin seed that once flourished in the Maltese islands, Comino is noted for its tranquility and isolation. It has a permanent population of only four residents. One priest and one policeman commute from the nearby island of Gozo, to render their services to the local population and summertime visitors. Today, Comino is a bird sanctuary and nature reserve. Administratively it is part of the municipality of Għajnsielem, in southeastern Gozo.

Comino (disambiguation)

Comino is an island off Malta in the Mediterranean Sea.

Comino may also refer to:

  • Comino Valley in central Italy
  • Demetrius Comino (1902–1988), Australian inventor
    • Comino Foundation, a training charity started by the inventor
  • Athanassio Comino (1844–1897), an oyster merchant in Australia
  • Domenico Comino, an Italian politician
  • Another name for cumin, the spice

Usage examples of "comino".

It looks out over the Mediterranean to the islands of Comino and Malta.

Gozo, looking out over the island and across the sea to the small island of Comino and, beyond that, the large island of Malta.

It was a very old, converted farmhouse which commanded superb views over the island and across the sea to the tiny island of Comino and the big island of Malta.

Gozo, Tom Sawyer sat on the roof of the farmhouse, gazing across the Comino channel.