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n. (plural of comfort English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: comfort)


n. things that make you comfortable and at ease; "all the comforts of home" [syn: creature comforts, amenities, conveniences]

Usage examples of "comforts".

Even though he could scarcely draw breath without violating simplicity, he loved the comforts of the hospital.

I was given a pretty room on the ground floor, opening upon the gardens of Pasean, and I enjoyed its comforts without caring to know who my neighbours were.

The duchess took the greatest care of my comforts, and at the end of the repast gave me with her own hands a glass of liqueur, which I took for Tokay and praised accordingly, but it turned out to be only old English ale.

Home to Baron Glass and jazana Carr and all the comforts diamonds could buy, but not a true home at all.

He missed Koth and the comforts of Lionkeep, and he missed knowing his beloved wife was only a few steps away, safely locked in her private wing.

You, who have had all sorts of comforts, have always lived as a gentlewoman.

Up from well before sunrise to iong after dark, drowsy on some uncomfortable cot in a lousy communal shed, Easter decided that traveling was an overrated experience and longed for the comforts of the little shack that was home.

Following the model of his hero, Houston, he had abandoned European comforts and had taken two Comanche women in polygamous marriage.

She came to him every Thursday, and brought little comforts for the shack, but nothing that would make him feel that she was trying to tame him.

The granting of comforts to a condemned prisoner was not the Mohawk way, either.

What kind of a man chose such a job over the comforts of wife and children, family and home?

You will all be expelled, denied the comforts and protections of mother Church.

Not very civilized, and definitely short on the comforts, but the farther we get from Finn, the better.

Wiatt was even toying with the idea of an inn that would provide northern-style meals and comforts for what he thought would be a steady stream of business.

She wondered, too, what other little comforts the maimalodalum retained from the days before the practice of more complex magics had all but vanished from the New World.