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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Comfit \Com"fit\, v. t. To preserve dry with sugar.

The fruit which does so quickly waste, . . . Thou comfitest in sweets to make it last.


Comfit \Com"fit\, n. [F. confit, prop. a p. p., fr. confire to preserve, pickle, fr. L. conficere to prepare; con- + facere to make. See Fact, and cf. Confect.] A dry sweetmeat; any kind of fruit, root, or seed preserved with sugar and dried; a confection.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

early 14c., "sugarplum," from Old French confit "preserved fruit," from Latin confectum, from confectionem (see confection).


Etymology 1 n. A confection consisting of a nut, seed or fruit coated with sugar. vb. (context transitive English) To preserve dry with sugar. Etymology 2

n. (context Australia English) A computerised image of a suspect produced for the police force.

  1. n. candy containing a fruit or nut

  2. v. make into a confection; "This medicine is home-confected" [syn: confect, confection]


Comfits are confectionery consisting of dried fruits, nuts, seeds or spices coated with sugar candy, often through sugar panning. Almond comfits (also known as "sugar almonds" or " Jordan almonds") in a muslin bag or other decorative container are a traditional gift at baptism and wedding celebrations in many countries of Europe and the Middle East, a custom which has spread to other countries such as Australia and Puerto Rico. While licorice comfits (also known as torpedoes because of their shape) are multi-coloured, almond comfits are usually white for weddings but may be brightly coloured for other occasions.

A late medieval recipe for comfits is based on anise seeds, and suggests also making comfits with fennel, caraway, coriander, and diced ginger. These aniseed comfits seem to be a precursor of modern aniseed balls.

almond comfits for a baptism rossi.jpg|Red almond comfits called "Confetti rossi" are used in Italy to celebrate the conferring of a degree.

Usage examples of "comfit".

Bedsteads would at night tumble down under their occupants, ghosts were personated, diuretic pills or sugar-plums were given to young ladies, as well as comfits who produced certain winds rising from the netherlands, and impossible to keep under control.

Then I reduced them into a fine powder, and ordered the Jewish confectioner to mix the powder in my presence with a paste made of amber, sugar, vanilla, angelica, alkermes and storax, and I waited until the comfits prepared with that mixture were ready.

But having observed that I gave away only the comfits which I kept in my tortoise-shell box, and that I never eat any but those from the crystal box, she one day asked me what reason I had for that.

It was a case of gross bribery and corruption, for the fortress was immediately, evacuated on the receipt of a large paper of red and white comfits, and the garrison marched down--stairs much like conquerors, under the lead of the young lady, who was greatly eased in mind by the kind words and the promise of Mr.

But since I ate your present of comfits-- and they were admirable comfits, and I ate them with speed-- my heart is changed and inclined toward you, I know not why or how, except it be through magic.

She nibbled, herself, at one of the comfits, and he followed her example.

Now, if she might only sell comfits to children, she was sure she could please them!

I had expended my own small store in buying all manner of comfits and lozenges, in order to tempt the little people whom Miss Matty loved so much to come about her.

Tea in bright green canisters, and comfits in tumblers - Miss Matty and I felt quite proud as we looked round us on the evening before the shop was to be opened.

There was no use in telling her that the fifth comfit weighed a quarter of an ounce, and made every sale into a loss to her pocket.

But as his master advanced towards convalescence and the doctor assured him that he was going in all probability to get well, Paolo's face began to recover something of its old look and expression, and once more his pockets filled themselves with comfits for his little circle of worshipping three and four year old followers.

I must learn how to take the tip of a finger instead of a hand, and to accept with gratitude comfits when I hunger for bread - I, who have known - but I dare say nothing even to myself of my hours with him - I, who have heard Sophy cry out in the night for me.

Homeric laughter and nothing else could be got out of Adrian when he heard of the doings of these desperate boys: how they had entered Dame Bakewell's smallest of retail shops, and purchased tea, sugar, candles, and comfits of every description, till the shop was clear of customers: how they had then hurried her into her little back-parlour, where Richard had torn open his shirt and revealed the coils of rope, and Ripton displayed the point of a file from a serpentine recess in his jacket: how they had then told the astonished woman that the rope she saw and the file she saw were instruments for the liberation of her son.

As it was, he would have had to partake of thirty pair of such dishes as roast capons and partridges, civet of hare, meat and fish aspics, lark pasties and rissoles of beef marrow, black puddings and sausages, lampreys and savory rice, entremet of swan, peacock, bitterns, and heron “borne on high,” pasties of venison and small birds, fresh and salt-water fish with a gravy of shad “the color of peach blossom,” white leeks with plovers, duck with roast chitterlings, stuffed pigs, eels reversed, frizzled beans-finishing off with fruit wafers, pears, comfits, medlars, peeled nuts, and spiced wine.

For some time he had planned to visit Earth and his people were willing that he should go, if he did not return, for he dis comfited them.