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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ I'll have the fish combo and a beer.
▪ An ecological combo self-organizes itself on the land.
▪ By chance there happened to be a 12 year-old MkII Boogie combo in the Guitarist studio with just such a loop.
▪ Carlsbro Sherwood 90, acoustic combo, £150, Marshall practice amp, £45.
▪ It was a combo dreamed up by the Marx Brothers.
▪ Marshall 80 watt Valvestate combo, never gigged, 6 months old, £270.
▪ Mix and match your favorite combo, and enjoy.
▪ The whole setup weighs about the same as a small combo, but is easier to carry because there's less bulk.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

combo \combo\ n. a small band of jazz musicians.

Syn: jazz band, jazz group. [WordNet 1.5] ||

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1929, U.S. slang, originally in entertainment (jazz groups, dance teams), short for combination.


n. 1 A small musical group. 2 (context slang English) A combination. 3 (context video games English) An action composed of a sequence of simpler actions, especially a composite attacking move in a fighting game.


n. a small band of jazz musicians [syn: jazz band, jazz group]


COMBO, or COMBO Culture Kidnapper, is a French street artist who started by doing graffiti art in 2003 in the South of France. After seven years spent painting from Monaco to Marseille, he moved to Paris in 2010 and became an art director at a major advertising agency. Putting his spray paint cans aside, he then started doing wheat paste.

Combo’s work focuses around culture and visual jamming, as illustrated by his cartoon series in which he manipulates iconic pictures, replacing some elements by others taken from the comics or the video games universe to change these pictures' meaning according to what he wants to express.

By appealing to generation Y’s pop culture, Combo hits his target at heart and takes it back to the unfairness that makes our world - whether cultural, financial or identity-related.

Combo was "savagely beaten" by "four youths" on 30 January 2015 and suffered a dislocated shoulder after he painted a wall at Porte Dorée near Paris with the word "coexist" where he replaced the "c" with the crescent moon used by Islam, the "x" with the Star of David, and the "t" with the Latin Cross.

Combo (video gaming)

In video games, a combo (short for combination) is a term that designates a set of actions performed in sequence, usually with strict timing limitations, that yield a significant benefit or advantage. The term originates from fighting games where it is based upon the concept of a striking combination. It has been since applied more generally to a wide variety of genres, such as puzzle games, shoot 'em ups, and sports games. Combos are commonly used as an essential gameplay element, but can also serve as a high score or attack power modifier, or simply as a way to exhibit a flamboyant playing style.

In fighting games, combo specifically indicates a timed sequence of moves which produce a cohesive series of hits, each of which leaves the opponent unable or almost unable to block or otherwise avoid the following hits in the sequence. In some cases, each additional hit has an increasing negative modifier in order to balance gameplay, as shown in Capcom's Street Fighter IV series.

Combo (Breaking Bad)
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Usage examples of "combo".

Swiftly Dan leaped out, dragged the body into the combo, and took off.

Once outside, he ran most of the way to his combo, and did not feel safe till he was in the air again.

Located source in a combo with number 8-283-746-A and followed to free-robot area, sometimes called Android City.

Sutter landed his combo in a suitable parking place in Android City, walked to the street, and presently espied Dan, Peter II, Peter III, and Anita II coming toward him.

A four-piece combo of volunteer musicians were grouped around the big Steinway piano.

Neither of us thought the combo of homicide detective and high-school teacher sounded brilliant or even possible for the long haul.

Not the sharpest, by a long shot, which combo of sweet, trusting, and dim put her in my kidstoworryabout category.

On a half sob and a hiccough combo, she rose to her feet and let Charmaine in.

A washer-dryer combo stood beyond the sink, not far from a dishwasher and a microwave oven.

Patrons occupied all the booths and most of the tables, the combo was setting up in a corner, and several couples on the minuscule dance floor were shaking their assets to a blaring rock tune from hidden speakers that had Magnus gritting his teeth.

As a result of this move, came an interesting amalgamation: Howard Sipple, Marilyn Mills, and a small combo of twenty were brought into the fold.

Considering something unwearable after one use had gone the way of electric washer-dryer combos.

Although Pannach died, Kuno is well, and he is now fronting the reformed Klaus Renft Combo.

September 1935, Combos, this time accompanied by Kanya, paid another visit to Berlin.

You know, use the same materials or some combo thereof with the poolhouse and the studio.