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rom com

init. 1 (context physics English) centre of mass; center of momentum 2 (context computing English) (w: Component Object Model)

COM (hardware interface)

COM (Communication port) is the original, yet still common, name of the serial port interface on IBM PC-compatible computers. It might refer not only to physical ports, but also to virtual ports, such as ports created by Bluetooth or USB-to-serial adapters.

COM (manga magazine)

was a manga magazine started in January 1967 by Osamu Tezuka. It was started in response to the success of Garo (which at that time was around its highest circulation), and as a way for Tezuka and other artists to showcase more avant-garde and experimental works in manga. The first seven stories of Phoenix were the most famous work to be published from this anthology before it went under in 1972. In addition, the famous feminist cartoonist Murasaki Yamada got her start working for this anthology.


Cốm, or green rice, is a dish in Vietnamese cuisine. It is not dyed green, as can be done with pandan, but is immature rice kernels roasted over very low heat then pounded in a mortar and pestle until flattened. Cốm is seasonal dish associated with autumn. It can be eaten plain or with coconut. The taste is slightly sweet with a nutty flavor.

A traditional pastry, bánh cốm (green rice cake) is made using cốm with mung bean filling. Cốm is often offered to worship the ancestors in the Mid Autumn Festival. The green rice can also be used in sweet soup, chè cốm. Cốm is similar to flat green rice of the Khmer people.

Usage examples of "com".

Depois falou com voz fraca e em tom baixo: - Estou agora completamente sozinha no mundo, Tatziu.

Our Pinnaces manned, and comming to the shore, we marched vp alongst the riuer side, to see vvhat place the enemie held there: for none amongst vs had any knowledge thereof at all.

Feliz por ter falado com meu amigo e por saber que o veria logo, fui para o pomar.

Pareceu-me que Tatziu precisava falar com o seu amigo, pois se decepcionara quando Chico disse que ia ao acampamento.

Havia um outro problema, mencionado uma vez em conversa com meus amigos em Estocolmo.

Anisimovna and Isabel Bardasano glanced at one another, then turned back to the face displayed on the secure com.

Damn, Flint, I got somebody on the com who says he wants to buy three biogens in the billion-kay range!

Com world of Paradise, where all the people were bisexual, identical, and about two-thirds his height.

In the end she promised a great reward to my keeper for the custody of me one night, who for gaine of a little money accorded to her desire, and when I had supped in a Parler with my Master, we departed away and went into our Chamber, where we found the faire Matron, who had tarried a great space for our comming : I am not able to recite unto you how all things were prepared : there were foure Eunuches that lay on a bed of downe on the ground with Boulsters accordingly for us to lye on, the Coverlet was of cloth of Gold, and the pillowes soft and tender, whereon the delicate Matron had accustomed to lay her head.

All of this and more, Macklin learned in the day he spent with Buntline, who was pleasant enough as a com- panion, if a bit egoistic.

El Rei, para que possa mandar um exercito que, se desfiler pelo deserto e pelas montonhas e mesmo sobrepujar os bravos Kukuanes e suas artes diabolicas, pelo que se deviam trazer muitos padres Far o Rei mais rico depois de Salomao Com meus proprios olhos ve os di amantes sem conto guardados nas camaras do thesouro de Salomao a traz da morte branca, mas pela traicao de Gagoal a feiticeira achadora, nada poderia levar, e apenas a minha vida.

Gostei dele, embora tenha me espantado com o seu exagero ao me conhecer.

Partido dos Trabalhadores, procura se alinhar com o MST para tirar proveito dele, de sua verdade, de sua coragem e popularidade.

No intervalo, evocara as palavras do finado Gurgel, quando me mostrou em casa dele o retrato da mulher, parecido com Capitu.

The latter was just about the only thing anyone wanted to talk alwmt -- from Dobie and the owners of the Arabian horses she and Ben had under training, to Josie Phillips and the various service com panies they were dealing with in connection with the party.