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vb. (en-third-person singular of: coll)

Usage examples of "colls".

The sound of Colls running disappeared into silence, lost as the distance between them widened anew.

He picked up Colls trail and followed it to the Mermidon and across, heading north, then back again south.

Perhaps Colls coming was intended to provoke some sort of response from him.

He climbed out, dried himself, dressed, lashed the Sword and his gear to his back, and set off to find Colls trail again.

He kept the Sword of Shannara as still as he could against his body, unable to hide it now, hoping to keep it from becoming Colls point of focus.

Distracted, Par blinked away the rain that ran into his eyes, trying to peer past Colls struggling form.

Par guided Colls hands to the pommel of the Sword and fastened the chill, shaking fingers in place, holding them there with his own.

He could hear Colls silent scream of anguish at what he was being shown.

He could feel the terrible sway of magics wielded by the combatants, the strengths of the First Seeker and the ancient spirit as they fought for control of Colls life and his.

He thought it was Colls words alone at first that breached his defenses, that let in the white light.