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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Coll \Coll\, v. t. [OF. coler, fr. L. collum neck.] To embrace. [Obs.] ``They coll and kiss him.''


n. 1 A medieval English short form of the male given name Nicholas; very rare today. 2 (surname patronymic from=given names)


Coll is an island located west of Mull in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland. Coll is known for its sandy beaches, which rise to form large sand dunes, for its corncrakes, and for Breacachadh Castle. It is in the council area of Argyll and Bute.

Coll (letter)

Coll is the Irish name of the ninth letter of the Ogham alphabet ᚉ, meaning " hazel-tree", which is related to Welsh collen pl cyll, and Latin corulus. Its Proto-Indo-European root was *kos(e)lo-. Its phonetic value is [k].

Coll (disambiguation)

Coll is an island in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland.

Coll may also refer to:

  • Coll, Lewis, a village on the island of Lewis in Scotland
  • Coll de Nargó, a municipality in the comarca of the Alt Urgell in Catalonia, Spain
  • Coll (letter), the ninth letter of the Ogham alphabet
  • Coll (character), a character in The Chronicles of Prydain by Lloyd Alexander
  • Tony Coll, New Zealand rugby league footballer and coach
Coll (character)
  1. Redirect The Chronicles of Prydain#Characters

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Usage examples of "coll".

He leaped on the foremost soldier and swung high, but the soldier was ready to block now, so Coll kicked his feet out from under him and seized his spear as he fell, twisting it from his grasp.

Then they reddened and shouted, but Coll had just time enough to stab downward and kill the fallen soldier.

The knight turned his horse and came charging back, blood in his eye, intent on running Coll down.

In a flash, Coll realized what had happened, realized it even as he leaped back among the boulders of his hill and scrambled to get out of sight.

The knight had sent his soldiers across the plain the night before, while Coll slept, then come himself at first light, before Coll might have discovered the deception.

The soldier howled and fell back, but that left more room for the other eight, and they fell on Coll in a shouting mass.

The soldier dropped his spear with a yell of pain, and Coll fell to one knee, ducking under the stroke from his right, feeling the blade graze his cheek, waking pain, but he came up to stab from below at the man in front.

The shorter stranger stood in the midst of three fallen soldiers, blood staining his sleeve and running down the side of his face, but the grin he gave Coll was sure and strong.

Dirk drew a bottle from his saddlebag and came up to Coll, pouring some of the fluid onto a square of cloth.

Dirk wiped his shoulder, and Coll gasped with pain, then set his teeth, determined not to cry out.

Dirk and Gar made, Coll saw how quickly they were learning about the land.

But if the herald wished to make the mistake, why, who was Coll to correct him?

His men echoed it and pelted down the hill after him, Coll in their midst.

But the third had taken the time to leap around both, and Coll saw the spearhead ramming straight toward his belly.

Away and across the fields they went, until finally the ramparts of the forest rose up before them, and Coll and his family were swept in among the trees on a tide of relief.