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The Common Object File Format (COFF) is a specification of a format for executable, object code, and shared library computer files used on Unix systems. It was introduced in Unix System V, replaced the previously used a.out format, and formed the basis for extended specifications such as XCOFF and ECOFF, before being largely replaced by ELF, introduced with SVR4. COFF and its variants continue to be used on some Unix-like systems, on Microsoft Windows, in EFI environments and in some embedded development systems.

Usage examples of "coff".

The coff eebrown eyes seemed focused somewhere deep within the earth below the house.

Only the distant look in the coff ee-brown eyes and the faint half smile gave any clue to his thoughts.

He grabbed a cup and a pot of coff ee off the bar, wandered out into the darkened restaurant and sat down.

A good deal of loose rock had shaken down on it, and the going was arduous for the men carrying the coffs, but in one respect their way was easier than before.

The coffs were set down carefully, because the path leading up to what the Manni called Kra Kammen was narrow and the contents were removed.

Count Condu, impeccably dressed, just-risen from the coff of eve, the Satin Doombox with its Spenglerian metamorphosed scravenings on the lid.