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Codan Limited is a manufacturer and supplier of communications, metal detection, and mining technology, headquartered in Adelaide, South Australia with revenue of A$132.3 million (2014).

Codan Limited is the communications business unit and the parent company of the Codan group, which is engaged in business through its operating segment Radio Communications. This product range is sold to customers in more than 150 countries. In addition to its global service and support network, the Codan group has regional sales offices in Washington D.C., (USA), Victoria, BC, (Canada) Chicago, IL, (USA), Farnham (UK), Beijing (China) and Dubai (United Arab Emirates). The company maintains quality assurance systems approved to the ISO 9001:2000 standard.

On June 30, 2012, Codan Limited sold its Satellite Communications assets to CPI International Holding Corp, and its wholly owned subsidiary CPI International, Inc (CPI).

Codan (disambiguation)

Codan or CODAN may refer to:

  • Codan, an Australian manufacturer and supplier of communications, metal detection, and electronic equipment.
  • Codan A/S, a Danish insurance company.
  • Codan, a Danish rubber hose producer (Codan Rubber Danmark ApS) with global manufacturing sites.
  • Codan, a Danish company that produces health care products in Portugal, Denmark, Germany, United States, Switzerland and Italy.
  • CODAN is also an acronym for "Carrier Operated Device Anti-Noise", which is a mute circuit in a radio receiver.

See also: Codanus sinus after which many of the Danish companies are named.