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n. 1 The glowing embers that result when wood is burned, and that can continue to release intense heat.(w Ember Wp) 2 (lb en plural of coal)Category:English plurals Multiple pieces of coal. vb. (en-third-person singular of: coal)

Usage examples of "coals".

Beneath the one log that was left, the bed of coals glowed like a thousand tiny suns, which, trapped and crushed together on the ground, turned and spat their light at the sky.

The tiny flames that were left danced on the coals until the edges of the embers turned red, then red-black as they cooled.

He stirred the coals so that they flared, then cooled and reddened again on the edges.

Long into the night, when the coals had become nothing more than a bed of flashing, glinting, orange-black eyes, they murmured to each other the things that neither had been able to say for nearly forty years.

The scope of the fuel investigations has been planned to conform to the provisions of the Act of Congress which provides for analyzing and testing coals, lignites, and other mineral fuel substances belonging to the United States, or for the use of the United States Government, and examinations for the purpose of increasing the general efficiency or available supply of the fuel resources in the United States.

Louis had for their initial object the analyzing and testing of the coals of the United States, using in this work samples of from 1 to 3 carloads, collected with great care from typical localities in the more important coal fields of the country, with a view to determining the relative values of those different fuels.

Investigations into the most efficient methods of utilizing the various coals available throughout the United States for heating small public buildings, army posts, etc.

Investigations, by means of washing in suitable machines, to determine the possibility of improving the quality of American coals for various methods of combustion, and with a view to making them more available for the production of coke of high-grade metallurgical value, as free as possible from sulphur and other injurious substances.

The standard for bituminous coals is based mainly on the heat units, ash, and sulphur, while that for anthracite coal is based mainly on the percentage of ash and the heat units.

Preliminary to a series of investigations, the kinds and amounts of coal required are decided on, and the localities from which these coals are to be obtained are determined.

The investigations also bear directly on the coking processes, especially the by-product process, as showing the varying proportion of each of the volatile products derivable from types of coals occurring in the various coal fields of the United States, the time and temperature at which these distillates are given off, the variation in quality and quantity of the products, according to the conditions of temperature, and, in addition, explain the deterioration of coals in storage, etc.

These investigations have already progressed far enough to admit of the identification of some of the botanical constituents of the older peats and the younger lignites, and it is believed that the origin of the older lignites, and even of some of the more recent bituminous coals, may be developed through this examination.

It is not expected that all coals can be burned without smoke in this furnace, but it is desirable to determine under what conditions some kinds of coals may be burned without objectionable smoke.

They were installed primarily for the purpose of testing coals to determine their relative value when burned for heating purposes.

Later tests will be run with other coals of various volatile contents and various distillation properties.