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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Coke \Coke\, n. [Perh. akin to cake, n.] Mineral coal charred, or depriver of its bitumen, sulphur, or other volatile matter by roasting in a kiln or oven, or by distillation, as in gas works. It is lagerly used where ? smokeless fire is required. [Written also coak.]

Gas coke, the coke formed in gas retorts, as distinguished from that made in ovens.


n. 1 a wooden dowel 2 (context nautical English) the brass bearing in the sheave of a block vb. To unite (timbers etc.) by means of tenons or dowels in the edges or face.

Usage examples of "coak".

Never mind, they said, the double sister-blocks, coaked, would come with their supper.

Presently you will see that twin jury mainmast of hers replaced by something less horrible made up from everything you can imagine by Mr Bentley and that valuable carpenter we rescued: upper-tree, side-trees, heel-pieces, side-fishes, cheeks, front-fish and cant-pieces, all scarfed, coaked, bolted, hooped and woolded together.