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a. (alternative spelling of cooperative English)

Usage examples of "co-operative".

A unique scene, representative of the many colorful situations that youthful friendship could involve in a rural district amid the unchanging embodiments of country life -- peasant, farmhand, pastor, schoolmaster, postmaster, peddler, cheesemaker, dairy co-operative inspector, apprentice forester, and village idiot -- perpetuated itself for many years without being photographed: somewhere in the dunes, with his back to the woods and their aisles, Amsel is at work.

Its ostensible purpose was the protection of fisher rights, and a kind of co-operative insurance against the perils of the sea, but these rights were generously interpreted, and there had been times when free-trade was its main concern, and the east-coast gaugers led a weary life.

The streets were cleared of traffic for miles around while his armoured American Packard, surrounded by a legion of NKVD bodyguard in trucks and on motorbikes, took him to a bakery co-operative near the Leningrad Station.

The proscriptions had put almost twenty thousand silver talents in the Treasury, and Rome was very quiet, too busy licking her wounds to offer trouble, even among the least co-operative elements in the Senate.

Now, a great export trade, carried on by a Union of the Creameries, has grown out of their endeavours and more than a thousand co-operative shops have been opened in the villages.

The list of charges is an impressive one, and the main facts -- from the murder of Matteotti to the invasion of Greece, and from the destruction of the peasants' co-operatives to the bombing of Addis Ababa -- are not denied.

This economic set-up appears to be based on a mixture of co-operative techniques, private enterprise, a kindergarten's honour system and plain unadorned gimme.

The speaker was a former member of the co-operative labor movement, Kostoied-Amursky, who had once been a Social Revolutionary.

The Governor and all the Portuguese officials were kind and co-operative, but they had a regular storm in a teacup vendetta on hand with the Dutch in Indonesia, and relations were very strained.