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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cloggy \Clog"gy\, a. Clogging, or having power to clog. [1913 Webster] ||


a. 1 Tending to cause clogging. 2 Somewhat clogged or impeded.


adj. (used of soil) compact and fine-grained; "the clayey soil was heavy and easily saturated" [syn: clayey, heavy]

Usage examples of "cloggy".

The soreness lifted out of my muscles, and my cloudy, cloggy thought processes cleared as though someone had flushed my synapses with jalapeno.

I think, from maize flour taken from an Oxfam sack and a cloggy, claggy concoction, brick red in colour, which tasted both yoghurty and metallic.

A terrible snort noise, all wet and cloggy, it could make you sick to be near it.

Jim flared its cloggy nostrils at me and lowered its front from the overstuffed armchair.

Silkhands said she had made small changes in the flow of blood to his brain, had added a chemical here or there, dissolved bits of cloggy tissue in one place and another, and built small walls other places.

As I fortuned to take my voyage into Thessaly, about certaine affaires which I had to doe ( for there myne auncestry by my mothers side inhabiteth, descended of the line of that most excellent person Plutarch, and of Sextus the Philosopher his Nephew, which is to us a great honour) and after that by much travell and great paine I had passed over the high mountaines and slipperie vallies, and had ridden through the cloggy fallowed fields.