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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Clayey \Clay"ey\, a. Consisting of clay; abounding with clay; partaking of clay; like clay.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English clæig, from contracted compound of clæg (see clay) + -ig (see -y (2)).


a. Resembling or containing clay.

  1. adj. resembling or containing clay; "argillaceous rocks" [syn: argillaceous] [ant: arenaceous]

  2. (used of soil) compact and fine-grained; "the clayey soil was heavy and easily saturated" [syn: cloggy, heavy]

Usage examples of "clayey".

Tiny rills of water, drainage from the tundra banks above the beachline, flowed down the shallow crevices of the clayey, hard substance.

Yet if the rocks be compact, or if they have layers of a soft and clayey nature, we may find the construction water, even in very old deposits, remaining near the surface of the ground.

The soil was formed of clayey flint-earth, mingled with vegetable matter, such as the remains of rushes, reeds, grass, etc.

Kadara cuts through the turf and lays it aside, then begins to dig through the damp clayey soil.

Idly, he wonders what that much manure would do for his herb gardens in the clayey soil of Diev.

He even made his own bricks, thanks to some deposits of clayey soil which exist near Djenny.

For three days the little party made their way under these vast arches, over a clayey soil which the foot of man had never trod.

He took up his march in the clayey streets on the slope of Mont Valerian, but he was insensible to the unpleasantness of slipping on the soft soil, and walked hither and thither, his only care being not to get too far away from the Seine, so that he might enter Paris before night.

Thus one saw only their heads which seemed to protrude from the clayey earth and were almost as yellow, with their closed eyes.

Harding proposed that they should return to the western shore of the lake, where the day before he had noticed the clayey ground of which he possessed a specimen.

Some of the green is from the makeshift aqueduct and some from the tougher grasses that Klerris has coaxed into covering the clayey soil.

His eyes flicked toward the garden, flourishing despite the heavy, clayey soil.

The Matter was thin out there between the galaxies, but Ames gathered it, scraping it together over the cubic light-years, choosing the atoms, achieving a clayey consistency and forcing matter into an ovoid form that spread out below.