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n. 1 (plural of cleat English) 2 (context plural only English) A pair of athletic shoes equipped with cleats. vb. (en-third-person singular of: cleat)


n. a pair of shoes with cleats on the soles; "the football players all wore cleats"

Cleats (comic strip)

Cleats is a comic strip by Bill Hinds. Cleats features a group of young kids, coaches, and their parents as they deal with the day-to-day trials and tribulations of being on a soccer team (Although there are storylines that have the kids engaged in physical sports other than soccer). Cleats was carried in over 75 newspapers The last iteration of Cleats had been run on 31 October 2010, in the form of a special Halloween 'exit' strip. Bill Hinds stated that he had ceased producing Cleats because the strip "had suffered in many newspaper comic polls over the past nine years."

In many newspapers, editors have chosen to run the earliest Cleats strips again, allowing readers to compare Hinds' initial style and characters against their more recent development. This has resulted in previous Sunday strips appearing on weekdays, but has opened to broad examination the processes by which a professional cartoonist evolves his work over years of production.

Usage examples of "cleats".

Moments later the wind shifted ninety degrees and increased to a speed that made the sailors cling for dear life to deck cleats, if they happened to be on board, and to the handiest vegetation if they did not.

Defenders, pads, helmets, and cleats bounced off the head, often in different directions.

They would have to squat or lie on the grating and lean downward to nail the cleats across the canvas.

Tal set the spike of his staff carefully, lifted a foot and stepped forward, driving the cleats into the ice before lifting the other and repeating the motion.

Like the Marines, they had inserted the toes of their shipboots into deck cleats to free both hands.

A flemished rectangle of line covered the top of the clumsy-cleat to protect the razor-keen edges on the cleats as Grey stepped up on the thwart.

Though these came in all sizes, they were all essentially of the same design: a fat cylinder of some transparent cladding, ribbed with metal, provided on both sides with caterpillar treads bearing cleats so large that they could also serve as paddles where the going underfoot became especially sloppy.

With that, he turned and strode off as Saxon hurried to catch him, his hard cleats clicking on the iron pavement.

The hard sound of his cleats grew distant as he paced down the corridor.

The men and women moved restlessly, their weapons rustling against their leathers, their cleats thudding dully on the pliant, styrowood floor.

Then his cleats were skidding on the tiled floor as he propelled himself out of the room and toward the stairs descending two levels to the garage.

Freed, he sprang to the shaft in the earth and raced like a madman up the nailed cleats to the cellar.

Joelle gets him sprinting, a three-meter lateral burst as he avoids the first few sets of hands and the beefy curling lips and but is just about to get personally contacted and knocked out of his cleats by the Delaware strong safety flying in on a slant from way outside when the tiny .