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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Citrine \Cit"rine\, n. A yellow, pellucid variety of quartz.


Citrine \Cit"rine\, a. [F. citrin. See Citron.] Like a citron or lemon; of a lemon color; greenish yellow.

Citrine ointment (Med.), a yellowish mercurial ointment, the unguentum hydrargyri nitratis.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

lemon-colored, late 14c., from French citrin, from Latin citrus (see citrus). From 1879 as a color name.


a. Of a goldish-yellow colour n. 1 A goldish-yellow colour, like that of a lemon. 2 A brownish-yellow quartz


n. semiprecious yellow quartz resembling topaz

Citrine (disambiguation)

Citrine is a colour-name, a shade of yellow: Citrine (colour).

  • From the colour-name, citrine quartz is a yellow variety of quartz.
  • From the colour-name, citrine (protein) is a specific type of yellow fluorescent protein.

Citrine can also refer to:

Citrine (colour)

Citrine is a colour, the most common reference for which is certain coloured varieties of quartz which are a medium deep shade of golden yellow. Citrine has been summarized at various times as yellow, greenish-yellow, brownish yellow or orange.

The original reference point for the citrine colour was the citron fruit. The first recorded use of citrine as a colour in English was in 1386. It was borrowed from a medieval Latin and classical Latin word with the same meaning. In late medieval and early modern English the citrine colour-name was applied in a wider variety of contexts than it is today and could be "reddish or brownish yellow; or orange; or amber (distinguished from yellow)". In today's English citrine as a colour is mostly confined to the contexts of (1) gemstones, including quartz, and (2) some animal and plant names. E.g., the citrine wagtail (Motacilla citreola), an Asian bird species with golden-yellow plumage.

"Citrine" is used in the names of birds and other lifeforms with such colouring to describe their appearance, including the citrine wagtail, citrine warbler, citrine canary-flycatcher and citrine forktail.

Citrine (programming language)

Citrine is a general purpose programming language for Unix-like operating systems. It focuses on readability and maintainability. Readability is achieved by syntactic and conceptual minimalism. The language is heavily inspired by Smalltalk and Self but has some very distinctive features. Like Smalltalk, Citrine treats everything as an object and focuses on sending messages to these objects. However unlike Smalltalk, Citrine lacks the concept of a class. In this regard, Citrine is more like Self and JavaScript because it uses prototypes. The combination of Smalltalk like messages and prototypes is what makes Citrine unique.

Usage examples of "citrine".

Princess Sapphire and Prince Shad, the tragic madness of little Citrine Shield.

Sapphire requested that she be permitted to bring Citrine here to the castle, saying that she could not easily forget her youngest sister, though by law they are now no longer anything but cousins.

Light, and that, despite best attempts to heal her, Citrine has become worse, rather than better.

Hazel thinks that the only chance there is of returning Citrine to herself is to allow her to confront Melina.

We have already been in contact with Duchess Kestrel and she is preparing a private house where Citrine can live with you and at least some of your companions.

Ninette had already done the same for herself and for Citrine, and was now warming water over the lamp.

Elise, Ninette, and Citrine might have been on some island in the middle of the ocean, cut off from everyone and everything.

Even when Citrine was at her most peaceful there was a brooding cynicism in her blue-eyed gaze that should not reside in a child so young.

Elise had tried to get Citrine to ride in the wagon, where she could be screened from casual observation.

Luella agreed to take Agneta and Lillis away for a few days so that they would not be here when Citrine arrived.

Quite honestly, I have been relieved at the level of composure Citrine has maintained thus far.

Elise wondered if the very delicacy with which Citrine had been handled since her rescue had contributed to her moodiness.

Children could be quite cruel, especially to someone who was different, and Citrine with her maimed left hand and her exiled mother was different indeed.

She seemed genuinely interested and for the first time Elise wondered how much Citrine knew about things like guilds.

Elise motioned Citrine over and went back to work on her facial ornamentation, continuing her explanation at the same time.