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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cissus is a genus of approximately 350 species of lianas ( woody vines) in the grape family ( Vitaceae). They have a cosmopolitan distribution, though the majority are to be found in the tropics.

Cissus (Mygdonia)

Cissus or Kissos ( Ancient Greek: , Modern Greek Chortiatis), was a town and mountain of Amphaxitis, Macedon, not far from Rhaecelus, which appears to have been the name of the promontory where Aeneas legendarily founded his city. Cissus, along with Aeneia and Chalastra, contributed to the aggrandizement of Thessalonica (315 BC). Cissus was the birthplace of Cisseus, a Thracian chief mentioned by Homer.

There was also a mountain of the same name nearby, on which were found the lion, ounce, lynx, panther, and bear.

Cissus (disambiguation)

Cissus (from Greek kissos, ivy) may refer to:

Usage examples of "cissus".

In the case of Cissus, parts of the figure more nearly represented circles than ellipses.

Whether the advantage thus gained by twining plants accounts for their summits being so frequently hooked, we do not know, as this structure is not very rare with plants which do not climb, and with some climbers (for instance, Vitis, Ampelopsis, Cissus, etc.