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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cirri \Cir"ri\, n. pl. See Cirrus.


Cirrus \Cir"rus\, n.; pl. Cirri. [L., lock, curl, ringlet.]

  1. (Bot.) A tendril or clasper.

  2. (Zo["o]l.)

    1. A soft tactile appendage of the mantle of many Mollusca, and of the parapodia of Annelida. Those near the head of annelids are Tentacular cirri; those of the last segment are caudal cirri.

    2. The jointed, leglike organs of Cirripedia. See Annelida, and Polych[ae]ta.

      Note: In some of the inferior animals the cirri aid in locomotion; in others they are used in feeding; in the Annelida they are mostly organs of touch. Some cirri are branchial in function.

  3. (Zo["o]l.) The external male organ of trematodes and some other worms, and of certain Mollusca.

  4. (Meteor.) See under Cloud.


n. 1 (context botany English) (plural of cirrus English) Tendrils or claspers. 2 (context zoology English) (plural of cirrus English) Grouped cilia that function as "legs" in certain species of protists.


See cirrus

  1. n. usually coiled [syn: cirrhus]

  2. a wispy white cloud (usually of fine ice crystals) at a high altitude (4 to 8 miles) [syn: cirrus cloud]

  3. a slender flexible animal appendage as on barnacles or crinoids or many insects; often tactile

  4. [also: cirri (pl)]

Usage examples of "cirri".

Thin clouds like volcanic smoke, separated into cirri like sheep-skin: all said sign of heat.

Crossing her fingers in her mind, Cirri sent out her omnidirectional Bluetooth ID signal, itself limited to the same range as the iDream.

But in a situation like this, Cirri could only hope that the man who had sent her such an appealing iDream would be as receptive to her fantasies as she was to his.

When they had mutely acknowledged their kinship with a smile - the Chechen country-crunk music filling the club was amped up to 11, and made talking impossible - the guy nodded to Cirri that she should go first.

The fellow aimed his caster politely at Cirri, waiting one final moment for her to register some objection.

The commotion begins at the highest limits of the cirri, and even at greater elevations.

Its innocently white face, wreathed with snowy cirri and showing no trace of the ice ring or the catastrophe, gently swam through the void, pushing the blackness and the pale dust of the stars out of the frame of the screen.

There had been deaths, of course, to footholds lost, to viruses and bacteria of the hinterland, and to the depredations of the inland predators, animals that unfolded in claws, teeth, cirri, and killed.

These conditions are mainly in the arrangement of the lower rain-clouds in flakes thin and detached enough to be illuminated by early or late sunbeams: their textures are then more softly blended than those of the upper cirri, and have the qualities of painted, instead of burnished or inflamed, color.

How, for instance, in the upper cirri, a thousand little chills, alternating with a thousand little warmths, could stand still as a thousand little feathers.

There is no local reason assignable for the presence of the cirri above, or of the thundercloud below.

The blue sky is glossy and fat with heat, a few thin cirri sheared to blown strands like hair at the rims.