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Cipura is a genus of perennial, herbaceous and bulbous plants in the Iris family ( Iridaceae), related to the genus Cypella. The plants are widely distributed in Mexico, Central, the West Indies, and South America.

  1. Cipura campanulata Ravenna – from central Mexico to northern Brazil
  2. Cipura formosa Ravenna – eastern + central Brazil
  3. Cipura gigas Celis, Goldblatt & Betancur - Colombia + Venezuela.
  4. Cipura insularis Ravenna – western Cuba
  5. Cipura paludosa Aubl. – Mexico, South America (as far south as Paraguay), Central America, and the West Indies; naturalized in India
  6. Cipura paradisiaca Ravenna – Goiás State in Brazil
  7. Cipura rupicola Goldblatt & Henrich – eastern Colombia + southern Venezuela
  8. Cipura xanthomelas Maxim. ex Klatt – eastern + central Brazil