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Cipanas is the administrative village of Cipanas District, in the northern part of the Cianjur Regency, West Java, Indonesia. It is situated in the valley of Mount Gede, south-east of the Indonesian capital city of Jakarta. The name of the village means "hot water" or "hot spring" in Sundanese (ci, water, panas, hot), due to the presence of sulphuric hot springs in the area.

The village had a population of 15,435 at the 2010 Census (the district held a population of 103,911). It is best known by the Istana Cipanas complex, a residence for former Dutch Governor Generals of the Dutch East Indies, and also a country retreat of former President Sukarno at Istana Cipanas. Since the Dutch colonial rule, and before the Enhanced Indonesian Spelling System was established, the village name was spelled Tjipanas.