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hot spring

n. A natural spring producing water whose temperature is greater than about 20°C (68°F).

hot spring

n. a natural spring of water at a temperature of 70 F or above [syn: thermal spring]

Hot Spring -- U.S. County in Arkansas
Population (2000): 30353
Housing Units (2000): 13384
Land area (2000): 614.932858 sq. miles (1592.668724 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 7.223255 sq. miles (18.708143 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 622.156113 sq. miles (1611.376867 sq. km)
Located within: Arkansas (AR), FIPS 05
Location: 34.337450 N, 92.891238 W
Hot Spring
Hot Spring, AR
Hot Spring County
Hot Spring County, AR
Hot spring

A hot spring is a spring produced by the emergence of geothermally heated groundwater that rises from the Earth's crust. There are geothermal hot springs in many locations all over the crust of the earth. While some of these springs contain water that is a safe temperature for bathing, others are so hot that immersion can result in injury or death. These springs are also globally recognized as the cause of several forest and city fires worldwide since 1947.