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Ciorbă , from Persian shorba (شوربا), via the Turkish word çorba, is a general Romanian word describing sour soups consisting of various vegetables and meat. Most Romanians differentiate between "supă" (soup) and "ciorbă" by the fact that supă has no added acid and is usually clear (there's only one exception), while ciorbă may contain a wide variety of sour ingredients, usually lemons, borș, or zeamă de varză acră ( sauerkraut juice). In Moldavia, the word borș means simply any sour soup. Lovage is a frequent addition.

Types of ciorbă include:

  • Ciorbă de burtă ( tripe soup)
  • Ciorbă de rasol
  • Ciorbă de fasole ( bean soup)
  • Ciorbă de cartofi (potato soup)
  • Ciorbă de ciocănele (soup made from pig legs)
  • Ciorbă de perişoare ( meatball soup)
  • Ciorbă de peşte (fish soup)
  • Ciorbă de praz (leek soup)
  • Ciorbă de pui (chicken soup)
  • Ciorbă de oase (bones soup)
  • Ciorbă de sfeclă (Romanian borscht)
  • Ciorbă de văcuţă (beef soup)
  • Borş de burechiuşe
Ciorbă (surname)

Ciorbă is a Romanian surname that may refer to:

  • Corina Monica Ciorbă, better known as Corina
  • Toma Ciorbă