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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cinna was a cognomen that distinguished a patrician branch of the gens Cornelia, particularly in the late Roman Republic.

Prominent members of this family include:

  • Lucius Cornelius Cinna, consul four consecutive times 87–84 BC, a popularist leader allied with Gaius Marius against Sulla, and at the time of his death the father-in-law of Julius Caesar.
  • Cornelia, the wife of Julius Caesar, and mother of his only legitimate child.
  • Lucius Cornelius Cinna (suffect consul), the son of Lucius Cornelius Cinna and a praetor; he was a conspirator against Caesar.
  • Helvius Cinna, a poet murdered for having the same name as the assassin Cinna during the riots following Caesar's death.
  • Gnaeus Cornelius Cinna Magnus, a conspirator against Augustus Caesar in AD 4, and the subject of Corneille's tragedy Cinna
Cinna (genus)

Cinna is a small genus of grasses known by the common name woodreeds. There are only four known species but they are quite widespread in the Americas and northern Eurasia.

Woodreeds are perennial grasses with long, soft panicle inflorescences. They are found in moist areas, especially near bodies of water.

  1. Cinna arundinacea - sweet woodreed, stout woodreed - eastern Canada, eastern + central United States
  2. Cinna bolanderi - Bolander's woodreed - central California ( Fresno, Tulare, Mariposa Cos)
  3. Cinna latifolia - drooping woodreed - northern Eurasia from Norway to Japan + Magadan; Canada incl Arctic territories; northern + western United States
  4. Cinna poiformis - Mexico, Central America, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia
formerly included

species now considered better suite to other genera: Agrostis Andropogon Arctagrostis Calamagrostis Dichelachne Echinopogon Limnodea Muhlenbergia Pogonatherum Sporobolus

Cinna (play)

Cinna ou la Clémence d'Auguste is a tragedy by Pierre Corneille written for the Théâtre du Marais in 1639. It takes place in ancient Rome, but the ideas and themes characterize the age of Louis XIV, most notably the establishment of royal power over the nobility. A production was laid on in Bayonne in 1660 just before the King arrived for his wedding to the Infanta.

Corneille addresses the question of clemency and advocates an end to spiraling vengeance. His response is apologetic towards absolute power. As in many of his plays, the heroine is noted for her high tone.

Cinna (disambiguation)

Cinna is a Roman cognomen.

Cinna may also refer to:

  • Lucius Cornelius Cinna, Roman consul four consecutive times in the 80s BC and at the time of his death the father-in-law of Julius Caesar
  • Cinna (genus), a genus of grasses
  • Cinna (play), a tragedy by Pierre Corneille
  • Cinna, character in The Hunger Games trilogy
  • German Shepherd, a variation of which is called Cinna

Usage examples of "cinna".

Sulla then heard that Cinna was actively lobbying many of the backbenchers for their support when Vergilius and another tribune of the plebs, Publius Magius, submitted a motion to the Senate to recommend to the Centuriate Assembly that Sulla be stripped of his imperium and made to answer charges of treason and murder.

Greece for a further year, fretting because his extended absence gave Cinna and his confederates more time to prepare for war.

If he stayed, they would simply search each part of it until they found him, and either pitch him off onto his head or drag him before Cinna for punishment.

With the heat of betrayal on him, Cinna would be deaf to pleas, and death would quickly follow for the charge of rape.

If Cinna was of a mind to, he could have Cornelia strangled to save the honor of his house, though Gaius knew the old man doted on his only daughter.

He returned carrying a cookie sheet with a half dozen chocolate-covered doughnuts and cinna mon rolls on it.

Cornelia's father, Cinna, was another of the political heavyweights Marius was flattering and working to control.

Sugar, Nutmeg, Mace, Cinna mon, Pepper and Ginger, White Bisket, Butter, or 'Captains biscuit,' made with wheat flour or Spanish Rusk, Eggs, Rice, Juice of Lemons, well put up to cure or prevent the Scurvy, Small Skillets, Pipkins, Porringers and small Frying Pans.

Now, mulling over her sire's request that she consider the new Cavernus, she wondered how that could be connected with Baythan's boast that he would, at long last, accomplish his mysterious mission and restore his contractual honor with the High Lady Cinna.

The annals of Rome, in the long period of eleven hundred years, presented him with a various and splendid picture of human life: and it has been particularly observed, that whenever he perused the cruel acts of Cinna, of Marius, or of Sylla, he warmly expressed his generous detestation of those enemies of humanity and freedom.

The Lady Cinna had, however, prejudiced herself in her natural daughter's estimation by humiliating the sire in the heir's presence.

Even in a stunning gathering of the ultra-fashionable, Lady Cinna was outstandingly garbed, her costume composed of the highly prized and costly imbia shells of a nascent gold.

Baythan had, however, invoked the recollection of a conversation and a subsequent painful incident with the High Lady Cinna six years ago, the day before Caissa's fourteenth birthday celebration, the day that Caissa had ventured to raise the matter of the private clause.