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Cimon (; , Kimōn; c. 510 – 450 BC) was an Athenian statesman and strategos in mid-5th century BC Greece, the son of Miltiades, the victor of the Battle of Marathon. Cimon played a key role in creating the powerful Athenian maritime empire following the failure of the Persian invasion of Greece by Xerxes I in 480-479 BC. Cimon became a celebrated military hero and was elevated to the rank of admiral after fighting in the Battle of Salamis.

One of Cimon’s greatest exploits was his destruction of a Persian fleet and army at the Battle of the Eurymedon river in 466 BC. In 462 BC, he led an unsuccessful expedition to support the Spartans during the helot uprisings. As a result, he was dismissed and ostracized from Athens in 461 BC; however, he was recalled from his exile before the end of his ten-year ostracism to broker a five-year peace treaty in 451 BC between Sparta and Athens. For this participation in pro-Spartan policy, he has often been called a laconist. Cimon also led the Athenian aristocratic party against Pericles and opposed the democratic revolution of Ephialtes seeking to retain aristocratic party control over Athenian institutions.

Cimon (disambiguation)

Cimon may refer to:

  • Cimon (510–450 BCE), an Athenian statesmen and general
  • Cimon Coalemos (6th century BCE), ancient Olympic chariot-racer and father or Miltiades
  • Cimon, in Roman mythology, father of Pero – see Roman Charity.
  • Cimon of Cleonae, an early painter of ancient Greece
  • Cimone, Italy
  • kimon, a Japanese demon gate direction, see Oni
  • Kimon, a music video compilation by Dir en grey
  • '' Greek destroyer Kimon