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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Helot \He"lot\ (?; 277), n. [L. Helotes, Hilotae, pl., fr. Gr. E'e`lws and E'elw`ths a bondman or serf of the Spartans; so named from 'Elos, a town of Laconia, whose inhabitants were enslaved; or perh. akin to e`lei^n to take, conquer, used as 2d aor. of ?.] A slave in ancient Sparta; a Spartan serf; hence, a slave or serf.

Those unfortunates, the Helots of mankind, more or less numerous in every community.
--I. Taylor.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1570s (with a capital -h-) "Spartan serf," from Greek Heilotes, plural of Heilos, popularly associated with Helos, Laconian town reduced to serfdom by Sparta, but perhaps related to Greek halonai "be captured." In extended use by 1820s.


n. 1 An individual of the ancient Spartan class of serfs. 2 A serf; a slave.


n. (Middle Ages) a person who is bound to the land and owned by the feudal lord [syn: serf, villein]

Usage examples of "helot".

Boris Karantov returned the polite nods of the Spartan and Legion soldiers and ignored the Helots.

His name was Ontescue, a name not well liked by the helots who worked his lands and bore the brunt of his expensive ambitions.

After a number of different conferences held during the summer, she succeeded in persuading Athens to withdraw from Pylos the Messenians and the rest of the Helots and deserters from Laconia, who were accordingly settled by her at Cranii in Cephallenia.

The Athenians were persuaded by Alcibiades to inscribe at the bottom of the Laconian pillar that the Lacedaemonians had not kept their oaths, and to convey the Helots at Cranii to Pylos to plunder the country.

That's what the Helots call their military commander, just like Croser is Capital Prime, and Bronson is Earth Prime.

The banished Aeginetans found an asylum in Thyrea, which was given to them by Lacedaemon, not only on account of her quarrel with Athens, but also because the Aeginetans had laid her under obligations at the time of the earthquake and the revolt of the Helots.

This district had been given by its Lacedaemonian owners to the expelled Aeginetans to inhabit, in return for their good offices at the time of the earthquake and the rising of the Helots.

By the same token, he was neither beaten down nor bore any resemblance to a helot.

That evening and the following day were consumed in decamping the battle train: cleaning and refitting weapons and armor, reshafting spears which had been shivered in combat and rewrighting the oaken hubs of the hoplon shields, disassembling and storing the riggings of the waggons, tending to the pack and draught animals, making sure each beast was properly watered and groomed and dispersed with their helot teamsters to their various kleroi, the farmsteads they worked.

They have been beaten and spitted on so long they are the enemy, like the Laconical helots.

The camera panned again, to a wall where HELOTS RULE OK had been spray-painted in letters three meters high.

Others were swinging right and left, lugging machine guns and portable gatlings, setting up blocking positions to prevent the intact bunkers from sortieing and closing the quarter-arc wedge the Helots had driven into the north face of the mine's defenses.

From here, less than a century before, the legendary Sword King had set off for the Pass of Thermopylae with 300 warriors and 700 helots.