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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cill \Cill\, n. See Sill., n. a foundation. [1913 Webster] ||

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

alternative spelling of sill.


n. More usual spelling of ''sill'' when used in the context of an underwater horizontal member which forms the base of a lock gate on a canal or river.


Cill or CILL may refer to:

  • Lock (water transport)#Cill, a ledge below a lock gate
  • A church, especially in many Irish and Scottish Gaelic place names
  • Continental Indoor Lacrosse League in the United States
  • A video game released on November 30, 1999 on the PlayStation in the US.

Usage examples of "cill".

Prime Minister John Major, President Hosni Mubarak, and Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan and Prime Minister Tansu Ciller of Turkey, two intelligent, very modern women leaders of Muslim countries, came to see me.

Just before our meeting, I spoke to President Suleyman Demirel and Prime Minister Tansu Ciller of Turkey.

In another week, Foreign Affairs on Mospheira mig have exhausted the approved channels it had at its di posal, and decided to send a memo to the President, wh might, might, after consulting the Departments in Cou cill make personal inquiries of his own and finally lay inquiry on Tabini's doorstep.