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Čikat (Ital.: Cigale) is a cove on the island of Lošinj and a part of the town of Mali Lošinj.

It stretches from the church of the Annunciation in the south to the hotel Kredo in the north. On the west the cove open to the Adriatic sea, while to the east it borders with town centre of Mali Lošinj. This makes the cove a perfect choice for a harbour, as it is protected from all but western winds.

In 1534 the church of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, often called the Annunziata, was erected; it was expanded in 1858. It is located on the southern cape from which local sailing boats were greeted on their entrance to the harbour, so local captains still sound the horn while passing by the cape. Čikat is also a spa projected by dr. Alfred Edler von Manussi-Montesole, an Austrian architect. Besides him, both Leopold Ritter von Schrotter and Conrad Clar shaped the today's look of the area, and there are also promenades named after all of them. In the past as many as three shipyards were located in the Čikat cove. Today this area is the site of many villas that were once owned by Austrian nobles; now many of those villas have been turned into hotels and residences, of which the most well known are the Villa Karolina, Diana, Saborka and hotel Kredo. The majority of the hotels on the island are located in this area. There is also a camping ground covered with the forest in the cove by the same name.

Local nautical school professor Ambroz Haračić (1855–1916) devoted most of his life to studying local flora and fauna and helping to forest the cove. In recognition of his efforts, a statue was erected on the south part of the cove.

Čikat is also a sports centre, with waterpolo, diving and sailing clubs, tennis courts, local football club and more.

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