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init. 1, a university in Hsinchu, Republic of China (Taiwan). 2 containerized housing unit, a shipping container converted to living space.

CHU (radio station)

CHU is the call sign of a shortwave time signal radio station operated by the Institute for National Measurement Standards of the National Research Council of Canada.


Chũ is a township (Thị trấn) and town and capital of Lục Ngạn District, Bắc Giang Province, in north-eastern Vietnam.

Chu (state)

Chu (, Old Chinese: *s-r̥aʔ) was a hegemonic, Zhou dynasty era state. From King Wu of Chu in the early 8th century BCE, the rulers of Chu declared themselves kings on an equal footing with the Zhou kings. Though initially inconsequential, removed to the south of the Zhou heartland and practising differing customs, Chu began a series of administrative reforms, becoming a successful expansionist state during the Spring and Autumn period. With its continued expansion Chu became a great Warring States period power.

Also known as Jing , Jingchu and Shu , Chu included most of the present-day provinces of Hubei and Hunan, along with parts of Chongqing, Guizhou, Henan, Anhui, Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai. For more than 400 years, the Chu capital Danyang was located at the junction of the Dan and Xi Rivers near present-day Xichuan County, Henan, but later moved to Ying. The ruling house of Chu originally bore the clan name Nai and lineage name Yan , but they are later written as Mi and Xiong , respectively.

Chu (Ten Kingdoms)

Chǔ (楚), often referred to as Ma Chu (马楚) or Southern Chu (南楚) to distinguish it from other historical states called Chu, was a kingdom in southern China during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period (907–960). It existed from 907 to 951.

Chu (Chinese surname)

Chu is the pinyin romanization of several different Chinese family names, which including 楚 Chǔ, 储 Chǔ, 褚 Chǔ, 触 Chù, etc.

However, in the Wade-Giles romanization system, Chu stands for 朱 ( Zhu in pinyin), also can refer to several Chinese family names. In Hong Kong and Macao, this is also the spelling for the surname 朱.

Chu (Vietnamese surname)

Chu or Châu is a Vietnamese surname. The name is transliterated as Zhou (for Chu) and Zhu (for Châu) in Chinese, and Ju in Korean.

Chau is the anglicized variation of the surname Châu.

Chu (Korean name)

Chu, also spelled Choo, is a Korean family name and an element in Korean given names. Its meaning depends on the hanja used to write it.

Usage examples of "chu".

In the last section f this chapter will be found a list of the readings in his commentary different from those which are now acknowledged in deference to the authority of Chu Hsi, of the Sung dynasty.

But the names of the Sung dynasty are all thrown into the shade by that of Chu Hsi, than whom China has not produced a greater scholar.

He has nine treatises on the Four Books, or parts of them, and deserves to take rank with Chang Hsuan and Chu Hsi at the head of Chinese scholars, though he is a vehement opponent of the latter.

The treatise, as printed from these slabs, has some trifling additions, and many alterations in the order of the text, but differing from the arrangements proposed by Chu Hsi, and by other scholars.

The eulogies heaped on him by Chu Hsi and others are extravagant, and he is placed immediately after Mencious in the list of great scholars.

But he transposed the text differently, more akin to the arrangement afterwards made by Chu Hsi, suggesting also that there were some superfluous sentences in the old text which might conveniently be erased.

This is a serious objection to it, and quite unfits it for a place in schools, such as Chu Hsi contends it once had.

The manner in which Chu Hsi has endeavoured to supply the blank about the perfecting of knowledge by the investigation of things is too extravagant.

Its transmission step by step, from Chu down to the Han dynasty, is minutely set forth.

Proper Meaning of the Four Books as determined by Chu Hsi, Compared with, and Illustrated from, other Commentators.

The views of Chu Hsi are frequently well defended from the assaults of Mao Hsi-ho.

I pictured this tool of Chu San Fu as capable of deciphering them, and I may still be right about that.

Until now I suspected international politics, but the mention of Chu San Fu in connection with the matter sheds a different light.

Fascism-a strong triple coalition of Brazil, which had taken over three quarters of the South American continent, marching and singing under the silver banners of Garva, and North China, singing the same songs, though with oriental dissonance, under a man called Stephen Chu, and Irania, which included Arabia, Egypt, most of North Africa marching with bur-noose and iron heels under the guidance of that renegade Anglo-Egyptian, George Fahdi.

Garva and with Chu, have been made with this same degree of sincerity.