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n. (plural of chow English)

Usage examples of "chows".

No one, not even the Chows, have identical checksums, but those are the closest I have ever measured between two people.

The China that had bred the Chows and China Nightingale was not the culture of their ancestors any more than were the Crow or Hyiakutt societies that had produced Raven, Hawks, and Cloud Dancer.

One of Sabir's predictions proved true—the eyes, at least in their near vision, and the hands were so superior that the Chows found themselves able to work successfully on very small, intricate traps.

The point was well taken, and the Chows knew it, but the realization didn't lessen their own private agony.

You will have both the Chows, and the children, if we make it out, and you will have a position of authority and power.

If the Chows go along, I will not stand in the way and will be what help I can.

Neither he nor the Chows knew that combination, and the panel was recessed so that no one could see what numbers the curator punched.

There were solenoids along the sides, he noted, although the Chows already had figured this out.

The Chows had seen this switch many times before and wondered why nobody ever varied it.

The Chows released their keys and waited until the case lid whirred back down and clicked once again into place.

There is good reason to deduce that they acted when they did because in a few weeks neither of the Chows would have been in any condition to help.

If the Chows are anything they're Buddhists, and we have no idea who the other two are, but there were no Hindus in the group.

Also, he felt very comfortable as a male, something the Chows could never comprehend.

The Chows had been born peasants of peasant stock in a Chinese village no higher in culture than this one.

Uh—I assume the lady is one of the Chows, but who might I be speaking to?