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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
chow mein
▪ They don't serve anything fancy, just lots of good wholesome chow.
▪ And what do I get for my chow?
▪ At a surprise meeting before evening chow, he announced his retirement to Saigon and introduced his replacement, Major Williams.
▪ I joined Resler and the rest of the pilots going over to the compound for chow.
▪ Plenty of booze and chow round out the celebration, considered the grandaddy of July Fourth blasts.
▪ The M-16, the. 45 Colt, the ammunition, the backpack of water canisters and chow.
▪ The system was fed, and those vans brought in the chow.
▪ When I do get a stab at some groovy chow, what's happened to it, man?
▪ Make a wish, take a deep breath, blow out the flames and chow down on the candles.
▪ Manhattan diners can chow down on Southwestern food at Arizona 206 and the Arizona Cafe.
▪ Put on your lederhosen and get ready to drink and chow down.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Chow \Chow\, n. [Chin. chou.]

  1. A prefecture or district of the second rank in China, or the chief city of such a district; -- often part of the name of a city, as in Foochow.

  2. a breed of thick-coated medium-sized dogs with fluffy curled tails and distinctive blue-black tongues; -- same as chowchow[3], n..

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"food," 1856, American English (originally in California), from Chinese pidgin English chow-chow (1795) "food," reduplication of Chinese cha or tsa "mixed." The dog breed of the same name is from 1886, of unknown origin, but some suggest a link to the Chinese tendency to see dogs as edible.


Etymology 1 n. 1 (context slang uncountable English) Food, especially snacks. 2 A Chinese breed of dog; the wikipedia:Chow Chow. vb. (context slang South Africa English) To eat. Etymology 3

n. A prefecture or district of the second rank in China, or the chief city of such a district. vb. (context Mahjong English) To (use a tile or tiles to) piece together a winning combination of tiles.


Chow may refer to:

  • Chow Chow, a dog breed
  • A slang term for food in general (such as in the terms "chow down" or "chow hall")
  • Chow test, a statistical test for detecting differences between trends in time series
  • Chow (unit), an obsolete unit of mass in the pearl trade in Mumbai
  • Chow (website), a popular online food discussion site
  • Chow, an alternate name for the star Beta Serpentis
  • Mr. Chow, an upscale Chinese restaurant chain
  • The main Wade–Giles spelling of the Chinese and Korean surname 周, see Zhou (surname) Joo, Chu, Ju 주 (surname)
  • Leslie Chow, a character played by Ken Jeong in The Hangover Trilogy
Chow (website)

Chow or was a food website brand maintained by CBS Interactive that included the food message board they had purchased. As of 2016, redirects to, deemphasizing the "Chow" brand.

Usage examples of "chow".

Besides Tom, Bolen, Tschudi, and two other scientists, the probe crew included Bud, Arv Hanson, Chow, and three regular space crewmen.

As he stood there, angry and waving a steaming dishclout, to Chows appeared.

Evening meal was served at 1715 so that the men on the second dogwatch could eat before going on deck and those with the first dogwatch could relieve them in the chow line.

Chow stared at the complicated hookup of microcircuitry, enclosed in blocks of crystal plastic.

Only Chow Winkler, formerly a Texas ranch cook, suffered from overexposure to his special Western dishes.

Of course it would have to have been Pfc Isaac Bloom who brought it back to life again that night at chow.

Lou was married to a Chinese woman who did the cooking, so the place served an eclectic menu of egg rolls, chow mein, shaslik, rice pilaf, hot and sour soup, baklava and fortune cookies.

He remembered the tents pitched over the concrete foundations, the standing in line for chow with mess kits in the mud, he remembered the waiting on the ready line in the fleece padded shooting jackets made from old CKC blouses, the smell of burnt cordite and the ringing ears and the carbon sight blackeners that smudged up everything and the two or three privately owned BE slopes of the top notch shooters, he remembered all of it, the heavy clinking dull glittering unexpended cartridges in the hand, the long deadly streamline disappearing of a cartridge slipped into the chamber with the thumb when you were firing singles, the swinging white spot marking off the bulls and the big red flag rising from the pits three hundred yards away.

Antibiotics are routinely added to the chow in vast cattle feedlots, and antibiotics are fed to pigs, even chickens.

They would come over and fill our sand bags for protection to put around our helicopters just so they could eat our chow, our hot chow, which we had quite often.

Emanuel Sanchez and Alicia Chow were strikingly average in every respect with nothing of note that made them standouts among the student masses.

Space Command Representative Chandra and Star Command Captains Li Chow and Krasnowsky.

No one, not even the Chows, have identical checksums, but those are the closest I have ever measured between two people.

He was every bit at home in a five-star restaurant - one he likely owned anyway - nibbling on caviar as he was sitting at home chowing down on a burger.

Ryn roamed the settlement, crushing intact pupae, but for every white-eye they found, ten more flew up to the dome and started chowing down.