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The '''chown''' command (abbreviation for change owner) is used on Unix-like systems to change the owner of a file system object ( files and directories). Unprivileged (regular) users who wish to change the group of a file that they own may use [[chgrp]].

From the BSD man page for chown:

For obvious security reasons, the ownership of a file may only be altered by a super-user. Similarly, only a member of a group can change a file's group ID to that group.

Chown (surname)

Chown is a surname. It may refer to:

  • Bruce Chown (1893-1986) - Canadian scientist
  • Chris and Gunna Chown - co-owners of the Plas Bodegroes restaurant in Wales
  • Gordon Chown - member of Parliament for Winnipeg South, Manitoba, Canada, 1957-1963
  • Jeffrey Chown - American professor of communication studies at Northern Illinois University, biographer of director Francis Ford Coppola
  • Kevin Chown - bassist for drummer Chad Smith's Bombastic Meatbats band and other artists and bands
  • Marcus Chown - British science writer and broadcaster
  • Nick Chown - bassist for the 1980s English music group The Bolshoi
  • Greg Chown - Art Director and Storyboard Artist
  • Chown Hardware in Portland, Oregon, owned by Fred Chown and David Chown and founded in 1879
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