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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Nick noisily chomped on his gum.
▪ Answering questions while chomping through steak is horrendous.
▪ First the ugly lumpy larvae, the precision closeups showing its undershot jaw as it chomped its way through its subaqueous world.
▪ He is a cocky creature who chomps a carrot the way W. C. Fields bit into his cigars: confidently.
▪ I saw my first queenie, chomping through a loch, and discovered that laughing underwater is a bad idea.
▪ Mars expect their customers to chomp their way through more than a billion bars this year, worth about £90m.
▪ Miguel watched, chomping on a plastic straw, not saying anything.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Chomp \Chomp\, v. i. To chew loudly and greedily; to champ. [Prov. Eng. & Colloq. U. S.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1640s, dialectal and American English variant of champ (v.). Related: Chomped; chomping.


n. The act of chomping (qualifier: see below) vb. 1 (context intransitive English) To bite or munch loudly or heavily. 2 (context transitive English) To chew something loudly or heavily.

  1. n. the act of gripping or chewing off with the teeth and jaws [syn: bite]

  2. v. chew noisily; "The boy chomped his sandwich" [syn: champ]


Chomp is a two-player strategy game played on a rectangular chocolate bar made up of smaller square blocks (cells). The players take it in turns to choose one block and "eat it" (remove from the board), together with those that are below it and to its right. The top left block is "poisoned" and the player who eats this loses.

The chocolate-bar formulation of Chomp is due to David Gale, but an equivalent game expressed in terms of choosing divisors of a fixed integer was published earlier by Frederik Schuh.

Chomp is a special case of a poset game where the partially ordered set on which the game is played is a product of total orders with the minimal element (poisonous block) removed.

Chomp (disambiguation)

Chomp is a two-player game played on a rectangular chocolate bar made up of smaller square blocks.

Chomp may also refer to:

  • Chomp, a colloquial term for the act of biting
  • Chomp (Mario), or Chain Chomp, a character from the Mario video game series
  • Chomp (chocolate bar), a caramel wafer candy bar sold in Australia and a chocolate covered caramel bar in the UK, made by Cadbury's
  • Chomp, Max's dinosaur in Dinosaur King
  • CHOMP, an acronym for the Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, in Monterey, California
  • Chomp (album), a 1983 album by Pylon
  • Chomp (search engine), an iOS and Android application
  • Chomp (novel), a 2012 young adult novel by Carl Hiaasen
  • [[Trimming (computer programming)#Perl|chomp]], a Perl function
Chomp (chocolate bar)

Chomp is a brand of chocolate bar currently manufactured by Cadbury, popular in Australia and the United Kingdom.

There are different versions of the bar available in each location. The Australian Chomp consists of a layer of wafer and caramel, coated in milk chocolate. The Australian chomp is also longer and thinner than the UK version, and comes in a 30g size. The Australian Chomp slogan is 'It's a monster chew!', and the packaging features a green T-rex named Tyrone wearing a hat, who also featured on Australian television commercials riding a skateboard.

The Chomp available in the UK contains chewy caramel coated in milk chocolate, and retails for 20p. It is available in a 25g package. In the Republic of Ireland the selling price is 25c.

During the 1970s Chomp bars were sold in Australia with the catchphrase "Ten cents never tasted so good".

Chomps are also sold in South Africa and Zimbabwe, where packaging features a hippo.

In 2009, the UK version of Chomp got a new look, the 'C' resembles a mouth with teeth.

Chomp was produced in the Keynsham plant in Somerset, UK; however, in November/December 2010, production was to be transferred to Cadbury's new plant in Skarbimierz, Poland. Labels for these products do not state a country of origin, instead stating "Made in the EU under license from Cadbury UK Ltd".

Chomp (novel)

Chomp is a young adult novel by Carl Hiaasen first published in 2012, and set in Hiaasen's native Florida. It is his fourth young adult novel. His previous three, also about Florida wildlife, are Hoot, Flush and Scat.

Chomp (album)

Chomp is the second studio album by American rock band from Athens, Georgia Pylon, released in 1983.

Chomp (search engine)

Chomp was an app search engine company founded by Ben Keighran and Cathy Edwards in 2009. The company was based in San Francisco and had received $2.5 million in funding. Chomp’s app search engine was available on its own website, as well as in an app of Chomp's making intended for use on smartphones or tablets, and also as an integrated search box in partners’ websites or other content. Its proprietary algorithm allowed users to search for apps based on what they did, not just on what they were called. Users could search for apps across multiple platforms, including iOS and Android; and there were Chomp apps for both platforms.

In February 2012, Apple, Inc. acquired Chomp for an amount that was officially undisclosed, but which industry insiders claimed was around $50 million. Within a few months, Chomp stopped all Android app searching, and removed its Android app from the Google Play Store; Chomp's iOS-based app, though—and its website's ability to search for Apple iPhone and iPad apps—continued, unabated. However, five months later, in September 2012, Chomp was finally completely discontinued, and its website became non-responsive.

Usage examples of "chomp".

But this allosaurus dated from before the time of true magic and it gave a full-hard chomp, the kind that crunches bones.

Nearby she could hear Harim and Alagh contentedly chomping the rich grass and giving the occasional breathy snort.

Glupp tried to stick his head through the magical window the crystal ball had made in the shadowland and chomp on these luscious-looking plants.

Fortunately Smilo broke out of his cage and chomped her shoulder, rescuing Hope.

It was hard for him to imagine the bad guys way up in northern New England, wearing those checkered caps and down vests as they chomped their pepper sandwiches and drank their Ruffino.

Blackfoot selected a suitable length of straight limb, then chomped off the thin offshoots.

She chomped a couple of times on the air and let her teeth click together.

You should see these hairy-jawed throwbacks, these turd lookalikes, honking and chomping at the trough.

I want him chomping at the bit to get his best friend back before I invite him to meet me--alone, of course.

The gods of dramatic irony often reward statements like this with gifts of huge, chomping danger or screaming death.

Inside again, she stalked from window to window, chomping on carrot sticks when noon came and went, then stalking some more.

Dagger gave it several noisy chomps, bones and all, and swallowed it with that now familiar, still hideous sucking noise.

It jerked back huge pieces of meat and swallowed them with only two or three knife-whispering chomps of the big serrated teeth behind its beak.

Probably more chomps were made by that route than by the initial drop.

It seemed fairly clear that Stick-a-bush was right, for the Squire submerged both hands into the keg and drew forth clusters of pickles, chomping away at them noisily.